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A Work In Progress for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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Progress Report

In Development - 40% finished


  • Addition 2 new posters
  • Improvement made the frown glitch
  • Optimization finished the talk animation
  • Addition changed notebooks
  • Feature changed the upside down thing to be spectator mode
  • Adjustment changed the coffee to replace zestybar, not bsoda
  • Adjustment bsoda is now a wierd liquid
  • Optimization keys are now useless like the wd-nosquee
  • Addition added characters: tempbot (bully), old jobbot (arts and crafters) and bossbot or supervisorbot forgot what one (princable of the thing)
  • Addition changed big doors
  • Addition changed items on the desks
  • Improvement changed more text
  • Addition story and endless mode icons changed
  • Addition tape and tape player is now a book and shredder
  • Addition added outside
  • Addition added floor and cieling
  • Addition more stuff i forgot

DONT go in the cafeteria when spectator mode, you will get stuck.

NOTE: this is the first mod modded by me not gabri because i know how to mod it now.

hello HUMANBOT, welcome to the office of the JOB SIMULATOR. where you can explore and stuff!
you can also solve the cool and easy math!



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In Development


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