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A Work In Progress for Sonic Heroes

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Progress Report

In Development - 80% finished
Hello everyone

The aim of this texture pack is to make Sonic Heroes look nice in HD or UltraHD while staying faithful to the original art style. 

Thanks to A.I. Gigapixel Machine Learning, I upscale by 600% almost all of the original textures.

When possible, I also use higher quality textures extracted from other Sonic Games, such as Sonic Generation and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

The UI, items icon, text and main menu elements have been remade by hand using Photoshop.

This textures pack requires the use of the Reloaded Mod Loader with The ONE Expandonger Reloaded mod from Sewer56.
Otherwise the game will crash on startup.

You also need to use Heroes Graphics Essentials from Sewer56 for 16/9 Widescreen aspect ratio and up to 2160p resolution.

How to install :

Download the folder "HD Textures" from : This link

Then, move the folder "HD Textures" inside "Reloaded Mods" from the "Reloaded Mod Loader" directory. ( User_name > AppData > Roaming > Reloaded_Mod_Loader )

To access the folder easily, select "Manage" make sure "Sonic Heroes" is selected then "Open Mod Directory" from the Reloaded Mod Loader interface.

Shout-out to Sewer56 for the awesome tools !
And to the makers of MagicTXD used to extract and repack the textures.

Hope you enjoy


Minor adjustments Title cards for the levels (For now use "StupidlyFastLoadTimes" in Graphics Essentials) 2p, Extra and Option Menu Textures Subtitle text


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