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Sonic Heroes AI Enhanced HD Textures

A Work In Progress for Sonic Heroes

Progress Report

In Development - 80% finished
Hello everyone

The aim of this texture pack is to make Sonic Heroes look nice in HD or UltraHD while staying faithful to the original art style. 

Thanks to A.I. Gigapixel Machine Learning, I upscale by 600% almost all of the original textures.

When possible, I also use higher quality textures extracted from other Sonic Games, such as Sonic Generation and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

The UI, items icon, text and main menu elements have been remade by hand using Photoshop.

This textures pack requires the use of the Reloaded II Mod Loader with The ONE Expandonger Reloaded mod from Sewer56lol.
Otherwise the game will crash on startup.

You also need to use Heroes Graphics Essentials from Sewer56 for 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio and up to 2160p resolution.

How to install :

Download the folder "HD Textures" from : This link

Then, move the folder "HD Textures" inside "Reloaded Mods" from the "Reloaded Mod Loader" directory. ( User_name > AppData > Roaming > Reloaded_Mod_Loader )

To access the folder easily, select "Manage" make sure "Sonic Heroes" is selected then "Open Mod Directory" from the Reloaded Mod Loader interface.

Shout-out to Sewer56 for the awesome tools !
And to the makers of MagicTXD used to extract and repack the textures.

Hope you enjoy

Alternate File Sources


Minor adjustments Title cards for the levels (For now use "StupidlyFastLoadTimes" in Graphics Essentials) 2p, Extra and Option Menu Textures Subtitle text
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  • NoBitt avatar
    NoBitt Joined 26d ago
    Apparently the Speed icons for Sonic and Super Sonic are different files because the one for Super Sonic is still the original image. Do you know what the file names are so that I can copy the one for Sonic and rename it to replace the Super Sonic version?
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  • Roosterspeed avatar
    Roosterspeed Joined 2mo ago
    187 points Ranked 59,447th
    1mo 1mo
    Could you give me the files that only enhance the HUD? Or even better, you could make your mod compatible with this. I've noticed that the part of the HUD where it shows the icons for the three respective characters has some sort of link to the shiny-ness of the playable character models.
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  • TheBlockedOcelot avatar
    TheBlockedOcelot Joined 6mo ago
    118 points Ranked 67,887th

    Just wondering if there's any plans to make the menus 16:9, or maybe even customizable in their aspect ratio?
    Or is that not on the cards/not possible?

    Thanks in advance!
    Go with the flow.
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  • Lorenzo01 avatar
    Lorenzo01 Joined 1y ago
    299 points Ranked 52,442nd
    Hello! I seem to be having some issues getting this mod set up. I'm a little new to Sonic Heroes modding, so I'm probably doing something wrong here. I downloaded Reloaded II, specifically that version, put it in the "Mods" folder, and got the game to load. However, this is when things get problematic. I have the game set to 1080p, and whenever I load it up the game just sets the screen to a small window, and whenever I try to start up the game, it doesn't even display the textures at all. I don't know if it's just incompatible with the newest versions of TONER and Reloaded-II, but I know that there's something wrong I'm doing somewhere since I'm the first one so far who's experiencing problems like this.
    King of All
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  • Hirai avatar
    Hirai Joined 2y ago
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    7 medals 1 rare
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    amazing mod, really looking forward to the final version, small issue though the omochao texture has the wrong button on it, you've used b rather than y. 
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  • -[DEXTERITY]- avatar
    -[DEXTERITY]- username pic Joined 2y ago
    SA2 Manager
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    a e s t h e t i c
    I make SA2 go REEEEEEE avatar
    I make SA2 go REEEEEEE
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  • Danhanado avatar
    Danhanado Joined 2y ago
    418 points Ranked 48,533rd
    Can you release a version with strictly enhanced textures? As in none pulled from other titles
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  • ChaosWeeb avatar
    ChaosWeeb username pic Joined 2y ago
    S3AIR Manager
    Out Of A.I.R
    6 points Ranked 57,044th
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    OMG I literally said a week ago on the Heroes Hacking Central discord if anyone wanted to pay 99 bucks for A.I GP to upscale the textures, I was joking. 

    You my friend are a legend *thumbs up*
    Gay Gamer Girl ~ S3AIR Manager
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