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Miguel92398's Workshop - A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Progress Report

In Development - 70% finished


Update #33 2mo
  • - Progress for TheRageMinecraft skin (with custom vis0 anim)
  • - Forgot to update regarding my past mods. They're done.
  • - Fortran COMPLETE (Required One-Slot Mario texture mod)
  • Removal Modpack: New Horizons Villager
  • - Added more mods to the modpack
So I'll release an early beta for my modpack around May or June. Keep in mind that most of them are pretty much outdated and need to be change.

Ofc, it will only work for 0.9.6 as plenty of stuff here are shared textures and models.
Holiday Update: 7mo Update #31 7mo Addition2 Update #30 8mo Removal Addition WALUIGI!!!! 8mo Removal Addition
Foremely known as [WIP] My Smash Ultimate Mods

So yeah. I'm going to mod Smash Ultimate. Now that I have a bigger microsd card and a modded Switch, I can try out modding Smash Ultimate. Way before the game's release, I've made some concept renders of the characters I want to make. Two of which are in development and an upcoming model import on the works(ported from the 3DS version). Without further ado, here are some mods that I'm working on!

A - Complete
A - In Development
A - Discontinue
  • Venom Piranha Plant (UI)
  • Rosalina Inspired color for Daisy
  • Grand Dad
  • Rotom Dex over Kirby
  • Peach inspired color for Daisy (Skyline)
  • SMG4(I have to)
  • 20XXWare
  • Fire Piranha Plant
  • Gohan and Super Saiyan
  • Cosmic Rosalina (UI)
  • Null Character Render Template
  • Character UI Mods:
    - Xuman's Red Lucario
    - SushiiZ's Watermelon Gumball Pac-Man
  • Pikachu with Terry Bogard's hat (Discord; release soon)
  • Ash Hat Pikachu (Discord; release soon)
  • Uncensored Mr. Game and Watch
  • Geno Mii Costume Port (Discarded)
  • Mallow Mii Hat
  • Mario 64 Mario
  • Fortran (Grand Grand Dad) (Skyline)
  • Unmasked Meta Knight (Skyline)
  • Uncensored Daisy
  • Smash 64 Luigi
  • Smash 64 Samus
  • Isabelle with Master Chief helmet
  • New Horizon Villager Face
  • Another "fake leak" (FNAF and Minecraft Mii Costume)
  • JOYCONBOYZ Min Min (For Etika)
  • Minecraft Steve Alt Costumes:
    -TheRageMinecraft (my skin) [Will not release on Gamebanana due to Personalization]
    -Pumpkin Head
  • Halloween Dreamland 64
  • Darkrai
  • Villager Climber (for Holiday Mod)

Miguel92398's Ultimate Modpack:
  • Venom Piranha Plant
  • Fire Piranha Plant
  • SMG4
  • Gohan
  • Cosmic Spirit Rosalina
  • 20XXWare
  • Ash Hat Pikachu
  • Terry Hat Pikachu
  • Rotom Dex
  • Uncensored Mr. Game and Watch
  • Mario 64 Mario
  • Mugman Mii Costume (Over Protoman)
  • Uncensored Daisy
  • Smash 64 Luigi
  • Smash 64 Samus
  • Sanic
  • FNAF Mii Hat (Freddy over Spring Man Mii Hat and Marionette over Isabelle Mii Hat)
  • Minecraft Steve Mii Costume (Over Black Knight)
  • TheRageMinecraft
  • Pumpkin Head Steve
  • Minecraft Waluigi
  • Purple Guy Enderman
  • Darkrai
  • Villager Climbers
  • Halloween Dreamland
  • Kris Mii Costume (Over Dunban)
  • Uncensored Pyra/Mythra
  • Pyranha Plant
  • Big Chungus

Miguel92398's Ultimate Modpack details will be announced soon.
Will add more...

Just a reminder that this modpack is exclusive to ARCropolis. No Ultimate Mod Manager and Yuzu/RyujiNX Emulator support.

If you are interested on my stuff, I have a Discord server. :)
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