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Hello Everyone! Today I'd like to showcase the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Odyssey. This mod is currently a WIP, and there's going to be lots done to it in the future. For now though, I wanted to put this out there for people to know that I'm currently working on a way better version of the previous map that I imported, which featured a very low poly, very low texture model of the comet observatory. Now that we've got the ability to rebuild BFRES and lots of other switch file types, it's now possible to create what I originally wanted, which was the original Comet Observatory model from SMG 1. 

Here's a List of whats done so far:

 - Full Comet Observatory Model imported 
- The first rotating platform at the bottom of the observatory 
- All interiors of the domes 
- Custom music that loops (no more music cutting off halfway though) 
- Custom Skybox (Will be edited later on) 

Here's whats planned: 
- Full transparency support (things will be see-through) 
- All moving parts of the observatory (Mainly the rotating platforms and the gears inside the viewing platforms) 
- (Almost) Fully custom NPCs (Lumas, Rosalina, etc.) 
- Even more things I won't talk about just quite yet! Just expect there to be 50 moons in this map.



Link to Youtube Video (Test 1): 

Original Comet Observatory Page (Warning, Old!) 

Link to Custom Kingdom Discord: 

Link to the Modyssey Discord (New SMO Modding hub): 

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  • HoneyOTU avatar
    HoneyOTU Joined 7mo ago
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    Looks pretty nice! I'm hyped as galaxy is one of my favorite games. But what bugs me is that the odyssey is at the start position, i feel like it would be at the garage where the toads are
    Phantom Thief
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  • SeeTv avatar
    SeeTv Joined 2mo ago
    As a huge Mario Galaxy fan I can't wait until it will be finished! This looks so great! Can you please give us a date when this mod will be available? This year? Or January? 
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