Animal Villagers

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

Progress Report

In Development - 20% finished


  • Addition Added Walker, Butch, Lucky, Lolly, Ankha, Moe, and Felyne
  • Adjustment Improved the rigs of cat and dog villagers
  • Addition Rigged Wolf Villagers
  • Addition Rigged Deer Villagers
  • Addition CSP of Goldie, Rosie, Walker, Moe, and Mitzi
  • Addition Metal for all villagers
  • Adjustment Rigged tails of Wolf, Cat, and Deer villagers to LLeg

The new alpha download includes all the villagers I currently have playable in-game excluding the Deer villagers as their rig still needs some work. For the villagers not in pocket camp, I used the textures from City Folk and edited them to fit the pocket camp models.

Alt costumes from now on will be on hold until all the default costumes are finished.

Alpha Release + New Villagers! 13d
That's right! I'm bringing in a handful of Animal Crossing Villagers from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to smash bros!

Most of the villagers of the same species share the same model. So once I get, let's say a wolf villager model, rigged. I should be able to use the textures of a different wolf villager on the same model! However, the models themselves are low poly to an extent. I have no idea if I can do anything about this other than making a custom model or waiting for higher poly models. So for now, the rig will look a little funky in some animations.

I plan to create a minimum of 2 alt color schemes that corresponds to another villager or a thing for each villager along with their own separate render (per villager). This means I won't simply recolor a texture to be a different color. I may need some help creating alt color schemes for some villagers so I'll take your ideas! Keep in mind, it's not guaranteed that I'll do your suggestion.

As of right now, I plan to upload the villagers by species. Dog villagers get their own post, cats get their own, etc.  I've decided to upload all the villagers in one pack. The villagers you see in the photos isn't the only villagers i'm doing. I plan to do even more so be on the look out!
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  • the_pocket_zoo_alpha.rar Alpha Release (squirrels not included b/c they're being reworked. Sorry! 13d old 33 DLs 13 mb


Dog Villagers (Goldie, Cherry, Butch, Walker, Lucky) Cat Villagers (Punchy, Bob, Mitzi, Rosie, Moe, Lolly, Ankha, Felyne) Bear Villagers (Stitches, Bluebear, Cheri) Wolf Villagers (Lobo, Freya, Wolfgang, Kyle, Whitney) Deer Villagers (Beau, Fauna... ) Rabbit Villagers (planned)
  • Man, I'm still impressed by your work!
    It's beautiful, Thank you!
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    Woowie, this is bad
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  • i hope you can add bones! amazing mod
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    O_O Oh... my goodness...

    I... have to call all of THESE names now...?
    Keep it simple, stupid.
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  • OH MY GOD!
    This can not be possible!
    My dream has come true!!!!
    Please! Add Walker to the category of dogs! Is he:
    Please! He is my favorite villager! I still remember when I met him from a very young age when I played Animal Crossing Wild World, I was so happy when he gave me his picture, I will never forget him!
    Even though I'm very poor, I'm willing to even pay you money to do it!
    I beg you...
    Woowie, this is bad
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    Wouldn't that one Animal Crossing Mario Party knock off game have higher poly character models? Just a suggestion if anyone can find them. But yeah, great idea, good luck to you!
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    So happy someone took this on.
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    Thar be snow.
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    Interesting idea. I saw the title a few hours ago and thought someone was rigging the Smashville models. Taking a deeper look, it looks a lot better than that.
    44 53 58 38 20 50 6C 73
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    27d 27d
    I'm honestly surprised it took this long for someone to make that. (Not counting Tom Nook, Isabelle, or Roald. I meant that it took a while for people to realize this would be a good pack idea) 
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    This is a good idea
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    Didn't know I wanted this until I saw it lol. Can't wait til it's finished, good luck :)
    Hero of Twimelightruleind
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