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Animal Villagers

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

Progress Report

In Development - 40% finished


Ui Galore, New villagers and download + Info 1y
  • Addition All villagers (excluding Felyne) now has their CSP, BP, and Results screen files
  • BugFix Fixed the broken mipmaps on the tools
  • Addition Rigged Elephant Villagers and included them in the download
  • Addition Rigged Rabbit Villagers and included them in the download
  • Addition Added Tom, Merry, Kid Cat, and Fuchsia
  • Addition Rerigged Bear Cub Villagers and included them in the download
This WIP currently has a total of 36 villagers available for download with even more to come! I took the screenshots of the chr_XX via CEMU.

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released, I plan to port all these villagers over Isabelle and/or Villager whenever modding the game becomes more advanced. I have no plans to mod on my Switch for Smash Bros, so I'll have to wait until emulation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becomes a possibility.
Alpha Release + New Villagers! 2y Addition5 Adjustment2
That's right! I'm bringing in a handful of Animal Crossing Villagers from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to smash bros!

Most of the villagers of the same species share the same model. So once I get, let's say a wolf villager model, rigged. I should be able to use the textures of a different wolf villager on the same model! However, the models themselves are low poly to an extent. I have no idea if I can do anything about this other than making a custom model or waiting for higher poly models. So for now, the rig will look a little funky in some animations.

I plan to create a minimum of 2 alt color schemes that corresponds to another villager or a thing for each villager along with their own separate render (per villager). This means I won't simply recolor a texture to be a different color. I may need some help creating alt color schemes for some villagers so I'll take your ideas! Keep in mind, it's not guaranteed that I'll do your suggestion.

I've decided to upload all the villagers in one pack. Keep updated on my progress on this WIP by checking my Twitter here and then! @Happy19001



Modify Villager's Gyroid (Side-B) to resemble the Gyroid from the quarry or garden Low Priority Update Tom Nook's outfit to be his suit, or update Villager's FS to include the members of OK Motors Low Priority Rabbit Villagers (Bunnie, Carmen, Chrissy, Carmen, Dotty, Francine, Hopkins) Deer Villagers (Beau, Fauna, Fuchsia...) 63% Wolf Villagers (Lobo, Freya, Wolfgang, Kyle, Whitney) 94%
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  • InklingKW avatar
    InklingKW Joined 3mo ago
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    Is Marshall there?
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  • Radnos avatar
    Radnos Joined 4mo ago
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    access_time 4mo
    I'm so excited for the finish project :D
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  • superspyro90 avatar
    superspyro90 Joined 1y ago
    access_time 1y edit 1y
    Can you add Celeste and her brother

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  • NickZD avatar
    NickZD Joined 3y ago
    access_time 1y
    Hey, I know this is a long shot. And maybe I can even pay you $10 in your PayPal or some shit. But can you please add Kiki the cat villager? It is my girlfriend's favorite and we even have a black cat named after her. I would be very grateful if you could
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  • Yahtzeh avatar
    Yahtzeh Joined 4y ago
    215 points Ranked 56175th
    access_time 1y
    Any chance Kabuki and Ganon will happen?
    Dark Witch
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  • access_time 1y
    One of the best mods I have seen on this site.  Keep up the good work.  Can't wait to see the final product.
    Future Modder
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  • Man, I'm still impressed by your work!
    It's beautiful, Thank you!
    • Thanks x 1
    Woowie, this is bad
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  • access_time 2y
    i hope you can add bones! amazing mod
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    • Good Idea x 1
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  • The Negative Ion avatar
    The Negative Ion Joined 4y ago
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    access_time 2y
    O_O Oh... my goodness...

    I... have to call all of THESE names now...?
    Keep it simple, stupid.
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  • OH MY GOD!
    This can not be possible!
    My dream has come true!!!!
    Please! Add Walker to the category of dogs! Is he:
    Please! He is my favorite villager! I still remember when I met him from a very young age when I played Animal Crossing Wild World, I was so happy when he gave me his picture, I will never forget him!
    Even though I'm very poor, I'm willing to even pay you money to do it!
    I beg you...
    Woowie, this is bad
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Model Importer
Model edits, Rigging, Renders, UI, Texture edits
Owns Animal Crossing, Created all the models
Centrixe (The Model Resource)
Ripped Models excluding Goldie
Hallow (The Model Resource)
Ripped Goldie
Ripped AC City Folk Textures


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Villager icon Villager
Characters icon Characters


Development State
In Development


Software Used
3D Studio Max


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