Golden Passage [Wario Land 4]

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

Progress Report

In Development - 20% finished


  • Learning more about modeling, texture, forge stuff...

It's been a while since the last update and i want to give life sign to tell the project is still alive, i've got some progress for learning how to make stage. 
By this way, i learned i made mistake for the model that was making the entire model in one mesh (=a part of a model, that is used to separate one thing of the model to make animation or stuff like this), so i need to make some major edit about this and still need to learn more.
I'll give some new next when everything fixed and imported to forge.

Giving Some News 2mo
  • Addition Texture

I noticed by making the wall, the texture will not look nice as i want (especially for the gold wall), it's because i don't have any Art skill to make it look better, this is why i used original texture from the game (except for the grids and pillars i tried to remade)

If you want and have good art skill, you can Help me by doing better texture (Remastered by preference), contact me on my discord.

Texture... Help Needed 2mo
I have This concept of Wario Land 4 level i want to make and making this Wip will give some motivation to make it, so let me explain how it will work:


-The stage is made of 3 main Ground + 1 platform (highlighted in Black)
-There is Physical ceiling, so you can't count on your Usmash to kill your rival
-I displayed where the camera will look (in Red) and where is the death barrier (in Blue)


-At some moments in game, there some part of wall in the background that will be sucked in the Real background (the vortex) and reveal it in the same time, there can be floating bricks at some moment but considering it's normal 
-After a big part of the wall removed (like 90%), All the remaining wall brick will be removed plus the whole Ceilling, that will free the space to vertical kill and show up the vortex
-To finish, the vortex will grow to eat the level background, when grow complete, 8 minute has passed (at the end of a competitive ruleset)
-No reset of the stage to return to normal is planned
-No stage scroll is planned
-The vortex will eat the stage only, not the character

I'll post sometime some update about it for the stage model, but need to learn to import and make stage animation for the background and the ceiling, Maybe after making this complete, i'll do a legal/omega version.

By the way I actualy don't know what stage it will replace.
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Texture (Need Help) Stage animation Import to smash Learn more about stage making


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In Development


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3D Art & Rendering


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