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In Development - 90% finished


  • Overhaul Switch Toolbox Released

The Switch toolbox has finally released! (In its very early stages). Everything we know about Super Mario Odyssey hacking will be fundamentally changed with this new tool. More info in the body below.

Beta 1 2mo
  • Addition KillzXGaming recently released his own fork of EveryFileExplorer. This tool was modified to generate the right .KCL file that will work with Switch model files. All that's left now until we can have fully working Custom maps is BFRES Rebuilding. (There might be a couple more things but im not 100% sure).
Alpha 2 - Public KCL tool! 4mo
   Alright guys, It's finally time to tell you the news everyone wants to know. As of Yesterday, November 17, 2018, Nintendo Switch BFRES Rebuilding officially went open beta. I've had the opportunity to alpha test before release, so I've been working on quite a few mods and models for Super Mario Odyssey. The Rebuilding tool is known as Switch Toolbox (as of current), and allows for many different file formats to be opened/viewed/edited. Using this tool, it is possible to create custom maps with any basically any parameters you wish. Want a huge map with thousands of polygons? Go ahead. Want a map with a bunch of custom models for multiple things? (Stage models, character models, object models, etc.) That's completely possible. 

   Overall, this tool will be one of the best tools to use for Odyssey hacking, and even other games that use this format will benefit. Games like Splatoon 2, Breath of the wild, and Super Mario Party all use the BFRES model format, which means custom models can be made for those. 

Tool Link:

Old Post
Recently, I've been getting into Super Mario Odyssey Modding. I've been a part of the Breath of the Wild Switch modding community since it was first able to be modded. I was actually one of the first to get custom models working in game on the Switch. So naturally, I found out that Model importing was already possible in Odyssey. With that knowledge, I began work on Custom Models.

So far, I've gotten 2 models to load correctly in game with one Having somewhat proper Collision. The problem is, though, is without an actual tool available to the public, I won't be able to create .KCLs (the file that handles collision). There is a tool in OdysseyEditor that makes .KCL's, however as of making this post it doesn't seem to function properly. 

So what is the point of this post you might ask? Well, I wanted to show my work to you all so that way its more widely known that Fully Custom Stages with Custom models and Collision is a lot closer to becoming a reality than ever before. I'll try to update this Post as much as possible so that way everyone is in the know of whats happening.

Comet Observatory Proof of Concept:
Culling Fixed! Super Mario Odyssey Comet Observatory Custom Map
Delfino Plaza Test 1:

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Public BFRES Rebuilding Tool


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