Microsoft Sam Bot Chatter + Radio Commands

A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike 1.6

Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished


  • Addition Finished Radio Commands (Normal Version)

Download Link for the finished Normal Radio Commands coming soon.

Update #1 4mo

Internet Memes!

Do you the Microsoft Sam internet meme? Maybe? It's that a dead internet meme? If not?, here's a little history:
  • Microsoft Sam is the default voice for the default text-to-speech application in Windows XP. Microsoft Sam become famous in YouTube around 2000's when a lot of videos about him reading funny signs, saying profanity for comedic purposes and even appear in other numerous parody series like The Angry German Kid parodies. One of the famous Microsoft Sam internet memes is Microsoft Sam can't say "Soi" or "Soy".

Anyways, back to the main content:

Bot chatter and radio commands voiced by Microsoft Sam for Z-Bot, WeedsBot by RichNagel and the Official CS: CZ Bot. I also add a version of both with profanity with some Bonuses.

  1. Bot Chatter - 0% Complete
  2. Radio Commands - 100% Complete (Download Link soon)
  3. Bot Chatter with Profanity - 0% Complete
  4. Radio Commands with Profanity - 0% Complete

  1. Counter-Terrorist Training Center Instructor - 0% Complete
  2. Counter-Terrorist Training Center Instructor with Profanity featuring Angry German Kid - 0% Complete
  3. Hostages - 0% Complete
  4. Hostages with Profanity - 0% Complete
  5. Player Death Sounds - 0% Complete
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Development State
In Development



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