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Lost Industry 2 - A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2.

Lost Industry 2 is a Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod, which is using heavily modified Source 2013.

1. Welcome!

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2. Story

Lost Industry 2 takes place in a Combine weapon factory
Rebels in City17 are running low on usable weapons, ammo and supplies.
They decide to get the help of Gordon Freeman.
The resistance members came up with a plan.
They want Doctor Freeman to sneak inside the factory silently,
weaken it's defense systems and give signal for the rebels
waiting outside to begin their assault.

But the mission didn't go as they planned...

Gordon got spotted while he was inside the facility and the combine sounded the
alarm and the whole place went under lockdown.
Freeman, while fleeing from the combine, desperately trying to find
a radio where he can contact the leader of the operation got surrounded.
As he realized he was outnumbered, he jumped into a metal elevator,
pressed the button, and then started descending into the unknown.

3. Credits

  • Sáruna -----------[Coder | Level Designer]
  • ISSANN -----------[Music Composer | Voice Actor]
       [Steam] [SoundCloud]
  • MysterAC -----------[Particle Artist]
       [Steam] [Youtube]
  • Mr.Skeleton -----------[Level Designer]

  • Mitch "Robo" Wensveen------------ [Special Thanks] ----------------- [Website] [Twitter] [YouTube]
  • FanA.------------ [Special Thanks] ----------------- [Steam]
  • Foofinoo --------[Thumbnail Picture] ---- [Steam] [GameBanana]
  • Admer456 -----[Project Tester] ------------ [Steam] [GameBanana]
  • TiberiusG ------[Project Tester] ------------- [Steam]
  • BigMacDavis---[Project Tester] ------------- [Steam] [YouTube]
  • Bolloxed---------[Project Tester] ----------- [YouTube]
  • JanKaszanka --[Project Tester]
  • DKgaming ------[Project Tester]
  • 4. General Information

    This will be a HL2:EP2 mod based on Sáruna's Modified Source Engine.
    It's still in planning and under development.
    This project was started in 2018.06.28. on GameBanana by Peredice.