[ThatGenericPyro]'s Custom HD Modelpacks

A Work In Progress for Half-Life

Progress Report

In Development - 30% finished


  • Feature Made a little video demo about how I do things


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Finally got around to doing the "WiP" page for this.

"If you're like me and are one of the few people who actually like the HD Modelpacks but still want to retain some of the aesthetic of the original game, this mod's for you!"

For quite a while now I've almost exclusively played Half-Life 1, Opposing Force, and Blue-Shift with custom model packs made with this concept in mind, done by combining my favorite elements from both the LD & HD models and even a few mods off of this very site with pretty good results.

Originally: This was only for my own personal use, but not long ago I figured I'd share this little project so other people can enjoy my "Half-Life Special Blend" if they're interested in it. 

The Opposing Force & Blue-Shift packs are still in production, HL1's is already out and will keep getting updates.

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Finish the packs, of course Half-Life: Opposing Force Half-Life: Blue-Shift


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