ThatGenericPyro's Custom HD Modelpacks

A Work In Progress for Half-Life

Progress Report

On Hold at 90% completion


  • Refactor Well, I mean: The last update was how it was, at least. Not totally sure where to sit all three packs right now, they're still fairly close to being done I guess? Hard to say when you keep getting new ideas and experiment... Heh heh. I've only been silent because I never know how to put it.
  • Addition Retextured the HDMP Crossbow to look more like the original
  • Adjustment Updated a few screens
  • Addition Added LD Walter's eyebrows to the HD face
  • Adjustment Tweaked Walter's mouth to be a bit smaller & look more "neutral" (^ These two changes make him look a bit better, I think)

TL;DR: They're not done and out because I'm both lazy and figuring out new stuff I want to do with them. Sorry about that.

Don't worry though: Ideally these won't be in "Development Hell" forever. They'll happen at some point. Promise.

RELEASING... Sometime, maybe? 2mo
  • My pack for Half-Life 1 is basically finished! Just needs those final touches and it should be good to go. Expect it sometime very soon!
  • Opposing Force, I'm still waiting for permission for one last mod I'm planning on using, plus it could use a little more work, I think. No ETA, but it shouldn't be TOO long after the first part.
  • Blue-Shift... There's still a lot to do. I'm missing SEVERAL models that I wanted to have for it. No ETA at all for this one, especially.
RELEASING SOON (Probably) 4mo
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Finally got around to doing the "WiP" page for this.

"If you're like me and are one of the few people who actually like the HD Modelpacks but still want to retain some of the aesthetic of the original game, this mod's for you!"

For quite a while now I've almost exclusively played Half-Life 1, Opposing Force, and Blue-Shift with custom model packs made with this concept in mind, done by combining my favorite elements from both the LD & HD models and even a few mods off of this very site with pretty good results.

Originally: This was only for my own personal use, but not long ago I figured I'd share this little project so other people can enjoy my "Half-Life Special Blend" if they're interested in it. 

Overall I'd say I'm mostly finished with this idea, but in true VALVe fashion/tradition, I'm only going to release them when I feel like they're ready for the public. There are still a *few* things left to do, I suppose, but I'd say they're pretty much done except for some stuff with Blue-Shift missing... Of bloody course. 

Plus, I'd also like to get permission for the handful of GB mods I'm planning on using in this project since I'd rather not be a "plagiarizing knob", because that wouldn't be good for anyone, now would it?



Finish the packs, of course



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