[WIP] Smash 3DS Imports Part 2

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. (3DS)

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Progress Report

In Development - 90% finished


Update #13 (The ENDGAME) 18d
  • - Beck COMPLETE (Release this Friday!)
  • - Skyworld in Development
I have now an official Paypal account. So feel free to donate money or commission for a future mod.
Beta Releases is now available on Discord! 23d Update #11(Small update) 1mo April Fools! 2mo Update #9 2mo
Miguel92398 Modpack 2 COMING THIS FALL!
More info soon

So yeah. Another WIP where I'm gonna use it for my future imports and creations.
It's just like the last one.

Anyways, this is where I'm gonna put my WIPs because some people don't know what I'm working outside of this website(although I shared my progress in Smash 3DS Hacking Discord). Here's what I'm working for now:

A - Complete
A - In Development
A - Discontinue

  • Mario over Doctor Mario(Mixing Melee, Smash 4, and Ultimate; use Odyssethan's animations for it)
  • Melee Mario
  • Mario CAPtures Yoshi
  • Brawl Little Mac
  • Beck(Mighty No. 9) over Mega Man
  • Minecraft Steve with custom animations and non-wifi safe attacks
  • Big Chungus
  • Minecraft/Voxel Kirby
  • N64 Samus
  • Elec Man over Mega Man
  • Killed Mega Man
  • Villager Climber
  • Rabbid Puff
  • Ugandan Knuckles
  • Onett complete with Omega Form
  • Summit complete with custom Omega Form
  • Wrecking Crew Omega
  • Skyworld
  • New Donk City Omega(Wifi Safe)
  • Wii Fit Studio
Some Brawl guy: What about your Villager with Ice Cli...
*shot in the head
Me: Not now...

OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/gZyF7h6


Skyworld 3DS footage: https://imgur.com/a/B6RpyBz

Minecraft Kirby gameplay:

Mario over Doc changelog:
  • Normals have been fixed
  • Working on Ultimate Mario's taunt and Doc's dair
  • Planned to have 16 skins(8 Mario and 8 Doc)
  • Attacks are now Mario's.
3rd Update:
  • Planned to have Melee Mario
  • Taunt works(but needs to modify the .pac files)

So uploading GIF on Gamebanana doesn't work. So here's the animation.

Short Update:
  • Using Odyssethan's wip animations for Mario over Doc
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