Boss fight WIP

A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2

Progress Report

In Development - 30% finished


  • Addition Added background music (music from HL2)
  • Addition Added health packs on first floor
  • Adjustment Updated screenshots to match new boss arena looks
  • Addition Increased number of enemies in the boss arena
Version 0.2 7mo
  • Adjustment Fixed entrance to boss arena
  • Adjustment Fixed parameter override of the boss
  • Addition Added Readme file with installation instructions
Version 0.1 7mo
Just a simple boss fight with the help of a Fire Crowbar.

Ignite some pesky enemies and defeat the mighty boss

For instrutions on how to use this map, check the Readme.txt file 

Feel free to critique.
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improve Sceenshots Think of a better map name Add lighthing Add more weapons and enemies Increase map size Map Optimization Add an ending
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    Here are some more todos:
    1. Change textures everywhere
    2. Make it more realistic
    3. Fix your lighting
    4. Give the players more weapons
    5. Need more enemies
    6. The map looks and feels boring and it's short, make a more interesting layout
    7. There is no ending to the map, you kill the boss and nothing happens
    8. Screenshots look awful with the HUD and with the  weapon in hand. Do more screenshots and put some effort in it.

    That's it, and THEN it's 30% completed,
    but now it looks like it's 5% complete.

    Good luck!
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    Looks pretty good for a first map!

    First of all, you need to include ony the .bsp file of your map, nothing else. You can also add the map's .vmf file to let people edit it.

    You can fall of the slope to the boss, causing you to get stuck. Try adding a Clip texture there.

    In your map, the output SetChargeTarget has no actual target. Below it is "With a parameter override of". There, write !player.The text will be red, but that doesn't matter.

    Lastly, you can apply nodraw (tools/toolsnodraw) textures to sides of blocks that the player isn't supposed to see. It helps out with optimizing, but has no big impact on smaller maps.
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