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A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike: Source

Progress Report

On Hold at 80% completion


  • Addition TMP + No bolt pull on reload
  • Addition MP5 (Galil AR animations)
  • Addition Galil
  • Addition Famas
  • Addition P90 + Stock from CS:GO P90
  • Addition M4A1 + Stock from CS:GO M4A1-S
  • Addition Mac-10
  • Adjustment Deagle position matches other pistols
  • Adjustment A liiiitle bit tweaked AK47' and USP's position
Almost done 10mo
  • Tweak New rigs!
  • BugFix Grenades bugs fixed! (but new came up after rigging)
  • Removal P228 source files lost, accidentally deleted them :(
  • Addition Knife
  • Addition G3SG1
  • Addition Scout
  • Addition SG550
  • Addition UMP45... almost...
  • Addition M3
  • Addition XM1014
  • Addition Compiled Dual Elites (they're still with that bug though)

Thanks to Ferris_4227 for updating rigs!

Wooosh! 10mo
So, I'm gonna do models like in this project. Thanks to CS PRO for AWP, USP, and AK47.
I'll try to keep same origin, can't promise though.

Known issues:
Dual Elite's hammers floating in air
M4A1 won't work in singleplayer; Silencer floating when being installed
Hands doesn't hold AUG properly
Weird ring animation on grenades (especially smoke and flashbang)
No stock on G3SG1; Weird left thumb
Slide clipping through Scout
No stock on MP5; Galil AR animations
M249 needs reanimation due to it's form factor
Glitching strap on Mac-10 (it WILL glitch anyway, but I tried my best at rigging it)
SG552' pull is supposed to be on other side
Left hand clipping a bit in SG550
Weird rounds glitch on XM1014
Hand doesn't hold Famas' clip properly

Most of these issues requires animating skills to fix, which I don't have.

Done weapons:


  1. Deagle
  2. Dual Elite (Needs fix)
  3. Five-Seven
  4. Glock-18
  5. USP (by CS PRO)


  1. AK47 (by CS PRO)
  2. AUG (Needs reanimation)
  3. AWP (by CS PRO)
  4. G3SG1 (Needs fix)
  5. Famas (Needs reanimation)
  6. Galil
  7. Scout (Needs fix)
  8. SG550 (Needs fix)
  9. M4A1 (Needs reanimation)


  1. UMP45 (Needs fix)
  2. Mac-10 (Needs fix)
  3. MP5 (Needs fix)
  4. P90
  5. TMP


  1. M3
  2. XM1014 (Needs fix... Or something, I don't know what's causing this bug)


  1. Flashbang
  2. HE Grenade
  3. Smoke Grenade
  4. Knife
  5. M249 (Needs reanimation)
Installation: Drop all folders from archive in Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom\

When I'm gonna fix bugs that I can fix by myself, I'll release it.
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Proper shell eject
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  • GPChannel avatar
    GPChannel Joined 4y ago
    Maybe can u add a bonus?
    Deagle with beta animation? :) <3
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  • if I already have the cs: go weapons installed in my cs: s? Would it work without a bug or some animation would not match with the weapon I installed?
    List of my custom weapons:
    1. M3 (I traded for NoVa)
    2. XM1014 (i traded for Mag-7)
    3. Galil (i traded for Galil AR)
    4. TMP (i traded for CZ-75)
    if one of these skins does not fit with your animations let me know what I replaced with the default skin

    I await your response

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  • Guzygish avatar
    Guzygish Joined 4y ago
    715 points Ranked 7288th
    9mo 9mo
    cheering you on as well! wow is there an arms race to this csgo weapon style (anim or skin) pack thing here? :)

    Detailed Tester
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  • l!ckity-spl!t avatar
    l!ckity-spl!t Joined 10mo ago
    261 points Ranked 16673rd
    some weapons look small for his hands, I personally wouldn't use this rigging. good idea though, but needs more then just 10% of work left on it
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    Rough On Rats
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  • Viper1337 avatar
    Viper1337 username pic Joined 3y ago
    Probably dead
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    Wasteland Rebels Flag
    Wasteland Rebels
    Totally not broken...
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  • AndyJara avatar
    AndyJara Joined 12mo ago
    y a terminelo que me aburro de esperar >:v

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  • PSquiddy avatar
    PSquiddy username pic Joined 4y ago
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    Could you possibly replace the knife animations in Source with the Condition Zero ones, with the same models? I'm just curious.
    argues about viewmodels lol
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  • Ferris_4227 avatar
    Ferris_4227 Joined 2y ago
    That hands are bugged and ugly, try this rig
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  • Phenixtri avatar
    Phenixtri Joined 11y ago
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    10mo 10mo
    not a bad idea but in my honest opinion in order to make this work id 1st

    :  go with properly editing the models and adding in missing faces + correctly mirroring ALL the CS:S weapons so that they properly spit empty brass to the right for right handed shooters.

    :  then for phase 2 just rework / hack the stock CS:S animations to work in a similar manner to CS:GO minus their lack of quality or originality.

    For example

     with the pistols specifically the 5-7 as a good example I would reuse the old slide pull draw animation for the reload so that after loading a fresh mag the player would rock the slide back kinda like in CS:GO.

    To better clarify look at the following videos showcasing the vanilla FN 57

    look at the draw anims from 0:58 - 1:01.

    I would replace this draw animation with a simpler one where the player disengages the safety on the 5-7 every time they draw which is alot more logical than racking the slide every time.

    I would then take the old vanilla draw animation and hack / edit it to fit in right after the player inserts a new magazine into the model from the old reload animations.

    reload animation seen here starting at 1:06 - 1:10

    I would take that old vanilla slide pull draw animation and insert it into the old reload animation at approx 

    "1:08 - 1:09"

    in the video, fit it all together for the default frame limits for online play, and tada you now have animations that are like CS:GO but also retain the original nostalgic CS feel and charm to it.
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  • qgfruit avatar
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    What is the  tool you use for animation ?
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