J4NK Mod, the modpack of smash 4 jank! WIP

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

Progress Report

In Development - 50% finished


  • Removal Removed additional hitstun
  • Adjustment Fixed ledge snaps
  • Addition Added dash dancing
  • Addition Increased rage (rip everyone)
  • Adjustment Decreased landing lag on all aerials
  • Addition Added to the changelog! (its now halfway done)
  • Adjustment Balance Tweaks

Yeah, i'm still working on this project. It's on the backburner but its still getting done...

I have made a trailer for it, you can watch it here:

J4NK Mod is very close to completion 1mo
  • Adjustment Balancing (yes I did it!)
  • Addition Made Legal Stages More J4NK

Hey im not dead!! I just need to make a changelog then i'll put a public release!!

J4NK Mod is almost complete 4mo
Hello all! I'm back with another brand new modpack! This will basically be an everyone is broken modpack with all the jank features you love from smash 4 in this mod, such as increased rage, no techs, more hitstun and many more! Not much to say here but I its a fun mod to play! I'll be trying my best with making it balanced but we'll see where that goes.

If you have any suggestions you would like to bring here feel free to leave them below, but I have mostly planned out a lot of the stuff already so not everything will make it in!
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    I know you said this is Jank but I can't unsee Junk now because of how the preview font looks to me.
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    up taunt to activate/side taunt to deactivate
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    Heres some ides. Jigs back air covers entire stages. Lucas has instant kill. Up smash/pk freeze. Cloud gets up special covered in meteor hitboxes. Mario pulls a mushroom from his hat with one of his taunts. Robin gets instant thouran and all his aerials have the same attributes. Bayonetta ends the match instantly no matter what the moment it starts. Lugi gets a spike with forward air and down air could act similar to jiggly puffs down air in ch4os leg4cy. Falcon punch does ganons with his start up and vice versia. I have a bunch more
    Mother 3 fan
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    Hmmm... Interesting... How broken will it be? (Could it be TR4SH<J4NK<CH4OS 1.5(=/<)1.0<CH4OS 0.5<<<CH4OS: L for LEG4CY?) (My modpack).
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    marth's grab
    thats all i need to say

    you'll hopefully know what to do to him
    An Aussie that fails to sleep.
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    oooh man i just love smash 4 jank! haha
    oh yeah the font you used in the picture makes it look like it says junk. lol
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