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Mean Bean Machine, Yippee and Yeeha sounds - A Work In Progress for Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Progress Report

In Development - 50% finished
Replaces Arle's default English voice with the Yippee voice from Mean Bean Machine.
Replaces Dark Prince's default English voice with the Yeeha voice from Mean Bean Machine.
Why these two characters? They are sort of the main characters from Puyo, and when I was making the mod I thought that the voice files could be interchangable with each other. Nope! Apparently the voices are in different order, this is very frustrating as I wanted the user to be able to pick, but the fact that I have to manually find out what voice is what number is very annoying.

Here is a video, sorry for bad gameplay, I did a lot of recordings and this was the best I could do. Also sorry for low quality, my Internet is bad and this took a long time to upload:

Video also features my WIP Background mod and TUWieZ's puyo skin, links to those in Description.

TODO: Find firework sound used when the fireworks go off in Mean Bean Machine after you have won. I ripped the sounds myself, using Mean Bean Machine's ingame Sound Test, but looking through all the sounds I couldn't find the firework sound. I have tried to replicate it with the round start sound but it's not the same. I have looked through all the sounds multiple times and can't find it, if anyone can help that would be appreciated.

Also TODO: Replace the sound of the Puyo's rotating/falling and other sound effects to their Mean Bean Machine equivilant.

Also also TODO: Replace the Counter sound effect with a Yippee or Yeeha.

Note that there is an issue with the game playing audio sometimes, where it won't make any voice sound, this is an issue with the game as far as I know as it happens randomly with regular voices as well.

Also, when extracting the sounds and finding what sounds to replace, I didn't know when some sounds played, For Arle, I don't know when these sounds play: 2, 3, C, 19 and upwards. I guess it doesn't matter too much, since they don't have Mean Bean Machine sounds but I would still like to know what they are used for. It would be very useful to have a sheet that said what each sound effect is for each character. My current sheet for Arle is here. It is probably inaccurate. ?= means I don't know when it plays.

Also, are there any better programs than Microsofts XACT to make the voice files? I don't seem to be able to reorder sounds, or use the same sound multiple times with XACT, which is real lame.
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    To keep their normal voices, I tried to replace their alternate voices instead and it actually works! I'm having a lot of fun with these voices, one of the reasons for me to like Mean Bean Machine a lot, good job! c:
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    For unpacking xwb, unxwb works well. For packing xwb, you could try XWBTool, but so far I've only gotten it to work on Windows 10. That may not be a problem for you, but it makes the tool useless to me. I created a new issue, so hopefully Windows 7 will be able to run the tool soon. If so, I can use this in my mod manager if and when I ever get around to updating and fixing that.
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    Lookin' good!  Keep up the work :D
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