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Back to The Specialists Kompiling[Now Glock 30] - A Work In Progress for The Specialists

Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished


Glock 30 1y
  • Addition Add Glock 30 for Glock 22 replacement
  • Removal Kimber canceld, still pending choose colt's.
Changed Kimber Model,compiled M16A2 3y Dual Kimber Gold Match II for Gold Colts 3y Five-seveN released 3y
The Specialists is my favourite mod,I had some compiling work for TS,but long time no anyone to do,is time for back,now is working remake my 4 years ago bad compiling,because wrong clicking a mirror model got smooth errors.
I know hear have Schmung's TSHD hand model and Millenia's TSHD hand texture,but I'm not use that,and no custom sound for here,becuase the shoot sound use media player to listen is slow and boomly,is hard to do sound effects edit.(yeah had slow motion power-up's)

List of work:
Five-seveN - Done
Pete3D's USAS-12 for PW models and Mossberg 590 Cruiser - not yet start
M16A2 - Done
USP45 - Done
Glock 30 - V Model Finished
Pete3D's Vz.61 - Planning
Pump Shotgun for M3 - Not yet choosen a shotgun model


Dual Kimber Gold Match II for PW models Gold Colts compiling
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    Ring-A-Ding Rampage
    A really great mod, you should use the TSHD arms which are really cool! :)
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    Ah, the specialists, that mod was so under-appreciated .. had some good LAN times in it with my buddies back in the day..

    Those FNs look great, keep it up.
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