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Ikey Kong ( Smash 4 )

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Progress Report



Update 2
  • Addition Long Cape version added
  • Addition Recolors added
  • Addition Metal Model added
  • Removal SWG Bones removed (check UPDATE 2 for details)
  • Improvement Improved the breastplate,headband and the cape ( Vertex Editing/Scaling/Placement)
  • Adjustment Shortened the cape for the Short Cape Version
  • Addition Forge/In-Game previews added
  • Addition Nameplate by Superteletubbies64 done
Explanations about the enormous delay and the lack of update is explained in the UPDATE 2 note from the description.
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Funky_3000 Joined 2y ago
  • Addition Added In-game screenshots and updated Forge's screenshots
  • Improvement Improved belt's rigging and adjusted the end of the belt
  • Adjustment Expanded the cape's logo
  • Adjustment Darkened DK's texture to fit with Ike's hair color
  • Adjustment Scaled the shoulderplate ( was too big )
  • Optimization Globally improved all the accessories ( Vertex editing )
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Funky_3000 Joined 2y ago
Yup , Ikey Kong is coming back , fighting for his bananas !

It's the first time i try to make a custom model and i'm also working on the Brawl (aka original) version , but i prefer to focus on this one since it's easier to make and to understand how model , materials and textures editing work in general.

No idea about how much time i'll take though (at least not a month ), since i have to fix a big problem i keep having with textures. Otherwise the rigging is done , same for the basic model recolor ( to fit with ike's dark blue hair ).

Obviously it's not the final model , there are a lot of things i must do before ( such as moving/scaling the accessories to make them fit the model and fix headband's normals ) ¯\_(?)_/¯

UPDATE : Texture issue fixed ( thanks to TNN ) , globally improved the model , not that far to the final model \o/

First, i want to apologize myself because of the delay. Much problems appeared both IRL and at the development and i wanted at least to release most of my WiPs that i was working on before Ikey Kong.
Second, The model seems complete for me ( recolors, rigging, Short/Long Cape versions, metal model, In-Game tests ) even if i didn't add the SWG Bones ( to be more precise, i encounter problems with the SWG Bones and i don't want to delay again the release because of that ).
Except this, there are 2 things i can do : the render CSP and maybe adjustments on the model. Since i'm really bad at rendering, it's possible that i take much time to finish the CSPs. If someone has time and feels fine to make them, i can send him the NUT files ( for recolors ) and the NUD file for the model, then i can focus on adjustments.

PS : Model is out now ! you can find it here



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Funky_3000 Joined 2y ago

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