The Painis Cannon

A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

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Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished


Version 0.1
  • Addition Added idle animations for aiming in different directions.
  • BugFix Removed a defective $sequence command in the .QC file.
There are people who dislike The Original for it's First Person inconsistency. This has lead some people to use FPS animations which match the third person view.

Let's take that one step beyond.

Amaze your friends! Shoot rockets with pelvic thrusts! WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I MADE THIS?! 

I don't know how to work with animations. At all. I don't know how to make taunts, and from the looks of things, making general animations, especially for weapons, is harder. So I'm charging into this with little experience.

Update Ver 0.1 - 8/1/2018

Way harder to make than it looks. Well, it's easy. But I just ran into a really silly error that I spent a couple of days fixing. Only to realise it was something so insignificant.

Dev Update - 16/1/2018

This project has been sidelined whilst I worked on others, such as my Heavy Splatling model. But now that's done (pretty much..?) so this mod takes full priority.

I've completed the firing animations, and am currently working on the ground movement animations. I've ran into an odd error again that I'll need to fix.

In case you're wondering why I'm not updating my To-Dos, it's because they will only be updated when every animation of a category has been completed. (For example, there are multiple firing animations for different states, standing, crouching, etc)

I am also using Source Filmmaker to animate this. Whilst this is something most skin animators may see as a bad idea, I've run into no problems so far (related to SFM, at least..) and Source Filmmaker is very easy to use for this purpose.

And finally, I will also be making a tutorial on how to make a mod like this, once I have actually done with it. This update will be removed when the next one comes out.


Add poses from pitch/yaw [Idle Complete]
Add movement poses [Ground Almost Complete]
Add Reload Animations
Add air/water movement animations
Create accompanying "PAINIS" Sound effect on firing
Add firing animation [Standing Complete]


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Development State
In Development


3D Animation
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Source FilmMaker


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