Retail Styled Fast Zombie

A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2

Progress Report

In Development - 90% finished
Have you ever looked at the retail Fast Zombie and wondered "How can they even move and yet run looking like that?" So my solution is to take the beta model and give it a retail like look (which in my honest opinion to me looks more possible than what's in retail)

I'm pretty pleased with it, can't think of what else to do. Now you're probably thinking "Wait Lambda, if you're saying it's basically done....then why is this a WIP?" Just cause I can't think of anything more doesn't mean that it's 100% done, I decided to put this up as a WIP to get input such as any improvements or suggestions or if anyone would even be interested.

Features so far:
- A retail like reskin
- Model replacement
- Fast Zombie replacement

Have any ideas such as any improvements or suggestions? Let me know down in the comments before. If you're all feeling "Yes, this would be cool to have" or "May not be my cup of tea but I know others would be interested" then I'll upload it along with any final touches. Or if you're all feeling "No, just no, no one would be interested in this" then I won't upload it.
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    TheGrill Joined 1y ago
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    Would this come with fixed animations for the fast zombie? There's that beta zombies reskin pack by CW3D but sadly it's EP2 animations aren't working and you can't score headshots on the torso.
    Beta is life
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    Idea: make a version for the torso of the ragdoll and the torso as npc.
    Green skin option
    I love hl2 beta
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    Doctor Twilight Joined 2y ago
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    but what about a fix for the normal zombie?
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    I Hate My Life.
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In Development


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3D Art & Rendering


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