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Hi, my shelf and MidKnightz have been working on this map for a long time now and I'm unsure of proceeding with this project. The biggest reason why is because I'm an idiot. But aside from that the reasons why I'm unsure of continuing is because I have made mistakes many times with the map due to my inexperience with the hammer editor when I first started the map. Although times have changed and I have obtained much more experience over they years but for me I think its just turning out to be a big mess and a waste of time. As I have spent over 600 hours creating the map and its still not published... I know. The first time I worked on the map is when I had around 100 hours of experience and so I went on to build this and later on asked MidKnight if I could use a helping hand. Keep in mind that this is my first map and the map could probably turn out better since I gained lots of skill with the hammer editor over the years. But over the years my motivation has failed and so my last resort was to turn to the gambanana community to see what they think. So with that being said I ask the community if you want me to proceed with creating the map, Leave a comment on this page or contact me by steam @ to let me know what you think based off of the screenshots I have provided.

A little bit about the map is quite obviously as it is a Bullet Hell map as you can judge by the title. I have got the name by a shooting style game known as Touhou. The map is mostly focused on the boss and his attacks aside from the maps design and track. His boss attacks are neat and difficult as some are inspired from Touhou, although it is possible. But before you go some of the features in the map include:

-Level System
-Both T and CT items
-Item Skematics (Visual display of the item held before usage.)
-Epic Boss fights (Hard Boss Fights)
-Creative map design
-Scaled Boss HP
-Trance/Techno Music genre
-Epic Soundtrack synched endings
-Maintained Boss fight (Attacks and End time)
-Special Item

All in all, if you play this map you wont win. Thanks!


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    i give the map 10/10 looks good but its same grau and gris my eyes want see a new something try make map have many Particles like harry potter map in css yeah i love the map its cool ^^
    port maps


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