TF2 Spy FP Re-animated WIP

A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

Progress Report

On Hold at 90% completion


  • Improvement Added sounds where required
  • Adjustment Reverted the new revolver reload animations to the older one to temp fix the bullet bug.
The "sounds" update 11mo
  • Improvement Altered draw animation for the butterfly knife
  • Improvement Altered inspect animations
  • Improvement Altered draw animation for revolver
  • Improvement Altered fire animation to include chamber rotation
  • Improvement Altered reload animation to lower the chance of seeing the speedloader fly back into the gun.
  • Removal -Removed sapper animations

Additional Notes
The "rough cut" update! 11mo

Make yourself feel cooler

An animation mod i'm making for Spy to make his animations more "action movie" like. 

I SHOULD SPECIFY THAT THESE ANIMATIONS ARE MEANT FOR A 54 FOV VIEWMODEL!! you can still use higher FOV viewmodels with these animations but i can't promise that the arms won't do weird things. 
My reason for this choice is because i use this FOV personally and it saves me a little trouble with the arms. 70 FOV versions will come with the full release. Sorry 70 FOV users

Trying my best to make every animation look as cool as possible! Regardless of physical practability! Why hold a knife forward when you can hold it backwards and look cool doing it! (or at least feel cool!)

(To install just place the .vpk in your tf/custom folder)

The plan
1 Make Stock knife animations (done)
2 Make revolver animations (done)
3 Make sapper/red tape recorder animations(Stock done but broken won't see release.)
4 Make PDA animations (Do not have blender rigs for pda's. Skipped sorry.)
5 Make Eternal animation set animations (done)
6 Make Sharp Dresser animations (Have no clue what to do with it. skipped.)
7 Make Watch/deadringer animations (Do not have blender rigs for watches. Skipped sorry.)
8 Refine animations (on hold 75% done)
9 Edit sounds to make them fit the animations (done)
10 Upload animations as a finished product

Q: Why did it go on hold?
A: Multiple reasons. 
     1: To work on other classes and get more time to learn animating and so i can use any tricks i pick up making the spy animations better.
     2: Fatigue. I have an issue where after some time i just lose intrest and focus on a project and it becomes "half-assed" I don't want to do this on my first ever proper release. So it will be on hold till i gain interest again. I will not delete this WIP. I know how much it sucked for me when someone else removed their mod for some reason and you can't download it anymore.

Q: So what will you work on in the meantime?
A: I am kinda deciding between Engineer and Soldier. Soldier because he has a different set of weapons. the rocket launcher seems interesting. but he has a lot of weapons i never use (i tend to run full-stock soldier) compared to engie who has the shotgun and pistol while i also use a lot of the other weapons available to him. So i'm gravitating towards engineer. I guess we will see whenever the "soldier/engineer re-animated WIP" will pop up. 
I would love to do scout sometime but his arms models are so strange. He doesn't have elbows which makes animating for him pretty tricky for me.

Q: Why did it suddenly jump to 60%?
A: Turns out i can't make functional animations for PDA and watches due to not having rigs for them. Nor will they work in game anyways. So what is the point?

Q: Where are the all-class animations?
A: I really have no idea's for the all class weapons as each weapon kinda has a completely different model. So while one animation may work with Prinny knife. It may look terrible with the Pan/Saxxy.

Q: Sappers are broken?
A: yes they are. the red tape recorder doesn't have a special set of inspect animations and we have no rigs for the dial on the stock one. I'm not going to release the sapper animations in the full release due to this sadly.

Q: What is up with the eternal reward animations
A: I have had a REALLY hard time coming up with animations that fit my skill level and would fit the style of the animation mod. This is why these animations are pretty much the "tamest". the biggest issue is that they have to work with every knife (spy-cicle, Kunai, Big Earner, Eternal reward) and while they did try their best to have every knife have the same style, Some just have features others don't have. (at least the inspect_anims aint as lazy as the valve animations are.)

KNOWN ISSUES (any issue's will be fixed in the refinement stage):
-HELP REQUIRED bullets have some phantom movement for some reason. Bullets lagging in the draw and having another position even though i never edited them.
-Knife has a few clipping issues on the draw. (FIXED REMADE DRAW)
-Inspect_start had some strange slowdown so i edited the FPS to be crazy high. This results in a way too long start to idle transistion. (FIXED ALTERED ANIMATION AND LOWERERED THE FPS)
-People don't like the stabs. they are up for reconsideration. ("FIXED" ALTERED ANIMATIONS)
-Revolver reload's speed loader still floats in and out of the gun upon reload end ("FIXED" moved the speed loader and bullets pretty far away but still tends to sometimes fly past.)
-Bullets don't go with the revolver reload. This will  be fixed in the refinement. (Semi-fixed can't figure out a way to properly lock the bullets to the speed loader as they just float off when i lock them)
-Red tape recorder doesn't have any custom animations and the inspect is broken. Asking N-cognito and Paysus for help on how i could import an .smd into blender and fix the animations. (broken. Scrapped)
-Dial is broken on the stock sapper/Ap-sap aswell possibly. Asking Paysus and N-cognito for help.  (confirmed broken. Scrapped)
Open for suggestions on how to make the Sharp dresser animations look cooler. feel free to comment your opinions.



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    4mo 4mo
    Please continue this, this is great!
    Beta Addict
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    You are putting this on hold.

     if you are gonna learn how to become an animation master and animate 60 fps with seamless transition and godlike smooth animation,
     you should remove this wip until you do animate 60 fps seamless transition and smooth-ass animation and remake it when you animate 60 fps smooth ass animation and seamless transition between animations.

    what are you gonna do next? i reccomend spending your time messing around animations until you animate 60 fps seamless transition smooth as fuck animation, until that, make some sounds, skins, models, nsfw sprays, whatever you want.
    sim simma
  • JumpingJack avatar
    JumpingJack Joined 4y ago
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    Imo knife anims for swinging don't feel hard enough, looks like hes giving you a little love tap. I think you should make it look like hes trying to hit a bit harder.

    Other than that I have no complaints.
    How did you even get here?
  • DrDestroyer avatar
    DrDestroyer Joined 10mo ago
    I do not know how to do for the mod works with PDF files, can you explain me how?
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    Scraton avatar
    SOURCEModders Flag
    You know, at first i thought it's gonna be absolutely horrible, seeing the 10% video etc.
    But to be honest, it's looks really good for a beginner.
    • Agree x 1
    Check out SOURCEModders! avatar
    Check out SOURCEModders!
  • AlyMar1994 avatar
    AlyMar1994 Joined 1y ago
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    My feelings on the 70% completion (these are pretty critical, so take them as you wish):

    In some animations it's very stiff (e.g: the normal knife sitting arm to backstab-ready, or melee attacking). It also seems a tad too fluid at times, like the Spy doesn't have much mass in his hand/arm (one of the melee attack animations shows this clearly).

    The backstab itself is pretty odd too. I get you're probably trying not to get it too far from the camera, but it just looks pretty odd. Otherwise, the knife's pretty good.

    The revolver is a tad odd to me; it's quite rigid(?). It seems very rough around the edges and kinda static-like. Not much to say other than some real force and smoothing should be a tad more prominent, but this is still W.I.P. so I can understand that, everything's like that in start.
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    The Classics Are Better
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    Red Zed
    105th Inc. Flag
    105th Inc.
    fix viewmodel_fov 70 issues with the revolver
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    net neutrality dies, i die
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    hey I know this has nothing to do with your mod which is great btw, would I be able to use blender to make a custom dispenser screen
    create an experience
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    Pretty cool mod. Would there be any chance of you making a version that contains just the inspect animation?
    Night of the Living Bread avatar
    Night of the Living Bread
  • iFAa avatar
    iFAa Joined 11mo ago
    I find it weird when you take the revolver, i see it loads the revolver but it doesnt make any sound..
    Why did i deserve so much hate


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