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A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

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Progress Report

In Development - 30% finished


Update! Sapper animations! Kinda.
  • Addition Added WIP Sapper animations,
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Update! Revolver animations!
  • Addition +added revolver animations
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Make yourself feel cooler

First part of the animation mod i'm making for Spy to make his animations more "action movie" like. 

I SHOULD SPECIFY THAT THESE ANIMATIONS ARE MEANT FOR A 54 FOV VIEWMODEL!! you can still use higher FOV viewmodels with these animations but i can't promise that the arms won't do weird things. 
My reason for this choice is because i use this FOV personally and it saves me a little trouble with the arms. I'll consider making an 90 FOV version if there is enough demand for it. 

Trying my best to make every animation look as cool as possible! Regardless of physical practability! Why hold a knife forward when you can hold it backwards and look cool doing it! (or at least feel cool!)

(To install just place the .vpk in your tf/custom folder)

The plan
1 Make Stock knife animations (done)
2 Make revolver animations (done)
3 Make sapper/red tape recorder animations(Stock done. Issue's with alt sappers and dials.) (confirmed broken by paysus. Sapper animations will be optional in full release.)
4 Make PDA animations (testing if they work in sv_pure servers)
5 Make Eternal animation set animations
6 Make Sharp Dresser animations
7 Make Watch/deadringer animations
8 Refine animations
9 Edit sounds to make them fit the animations
10 Upload animations as a finished product

Current community questions: 
Eternal/etc knife animations - Should i have him hold the knife backwards like the butterfly knife or forwards like the normal animations but with a Killing Floor 2 knife animations style

KNOWN ISSUES (any issue's will be fixed in the refinement stage):
-Knife has a few clipping issues on the draw.
-Inspect_start had some strange slowdown so i edited the FPS to be crazy high. This results in a way too long start to idle transistion.
-People don't like the stabs. they are up for reconsideration. 
-Revolver reload's speed loader still floats in and out of the gun upon reload end (i do not know how to make teleporting keyframes. If anyone knows feel free to post in the comments)
-Bullets don't go with the revolver reload. This will  be fixed in the refinement.
-Red tape recorder doesn't have any custom animations and the inspect is broken. Asking N-cognito and Paysus for help on how i could import an .smd into blender and fix the animations.
-Dial is broken on the stock sapper/Ap-sap aswell possibly. Asking Paysus and N-cognito for help. 
Open for suggestions on how to make the Sharp dresser animations look cooler. feel free to comment your opinions.



  • 6hr
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    I love the concept but sadly that's not enough to keep you from ruining it with bad animations. I can also clearly see that you're rushing this so please please PLEASE take your time before submitting (even more) garbage onto this site
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  • 11hr
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    The knife animations when you pull it out and while attacking are very choppy and don't really seem to work very well. Although the inspect animations seem like a good idea. This is the same case for the revolver, however the attacking anims. are fine. The sapper is fine though, but you need to showcase it while you sap a sentry.
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  • 14hr
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    The throwing on the sapper is really off, I suggest looking at Scout's bat and Bonk to see how it handles throwing motion. It needs to be less rigid and more fluid. I noticed there are some snaps in the draw animation as well.
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    Somewhat inactive modder.
  • 14hr
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     I knew this guy had some potential!
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    I am the Beat Crazy
  • 15hr
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    105th Inc.
    i didnt know spy could toss his sapper in slow motion
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    not an offensive mantra (help)
  • 17hr
    I'd hate to be that guy, but I gotta ask: could you make the revolver draw animation like the reload animation? Because I've had a couple of re-animations, and the only one I liked is the one where Spy spins his revolver when he draws it. 
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    Internet Cringe
  • 23hr
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    Would there be like a 70 Fov Version? since i think that's what most people like using and i have to say the animations have bit of problems but other then that its great, all though the inspect animation dosent even have a custom one it just the vanilla one, hmm if your thinking for a reanimation for the sapper why not make the spy hold with 2 of his hands..dont know how it will go with reskins, just a random suggestion
    Call Me Agent Not Lights
  • 1d
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    I Know a revolver's reload animation when i see it. Mccree reload animation.
    Deus vult.
  • 1d
    slasherthekiller avatar
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    It's looking great mate keep it up! :)
  • 1dEdited 1d
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    The point of inspections in the first place was not only to inspect the skins for the said weapons but to look at the Strange stat clock of your weapon. I know this reanimation mod is supposed to be more cool than practical, but atleast make the Spy hold his vision to the stat clock of his revolver when holding F or whatever key you have inspect bound to, and then when you let go he finishes off the animation.
    You done goofed, Knuckle-head.


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