The Teletubbies

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

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Finished! 1y
  • Addition Added voices for Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po
Added voices 1y
All four Teletubby models are now rigged. The rig is not perfect but because of the nature and low-polyness of the models (especially the limbs) I don't think I'll be able to improve it. The CSPs and nameplates are also done but the CSPs are from official artwork. The voice packs for all four Teletubbies are also finished using a mix of Play with the Teletubbies sound rips and sounds from an old defunct CBeebies Teletubbies site with Teletubby voice clips. I will probably also try to make new renders for the Teletubbies.

The CSPs are taken from official artwork. I may or may not add renders for the Teletubbies in the future.

The voice clips are taken from Play with the Teletubbies with a few voice clips ripped from the show added. There wasn't much variation in the voice clips from PwtT and there are artifacts in the voice clips ripped from the show. I also don't have such voice clips for the other Teletubbies so those will exclusively use voice clips from PwtT.

I'd like to make a custom nameplate in the font of the Teletubbies logo but I can't find the font on the internet.

The series icon is a Tubby Toast. I got lazy this time and didn't put it over an unused series icon, but I will when I add the other Teletubbies.

The victory theme is taken from an instrumental version of the Teletubbies theme song.

I know you're suprised, this is probably gonna be one of the stupidest model imports yet.

So on the Smash 4 modding Discord I saw someone suggest a "teletubby skin pack" and of course I got the idea. I managed to get my hands on the models I saw in SMG4's YouTube videos and I'll work on importing them. I'm planning on importing all four Teletubbies. I might also add in an alt for Dipsy with his hat, a Slendytubby alt for Tinky-Winky and a White Tubby alt.

I'll be using the Teletubby models from GMod. I know the models are of a mediocre quality but I will not improve the quality of the models or textures. Their appearance in the game will be like their appearance in GMod. This is for two reasons:
  1. I want the models to stay true to their appearance in GMod.
  2. I'm very new to model importing and I'm still learning how to do it. I have almost no experience with editing models so I can't really do it.
The models are going to be imported over Ryu since there aren't really any other characters that would fit (it would look strange on Falcon or Ganon or basically any other character) 

I know the length of the Teletubbies varies in canon but due to limitations, every Teletubby will be of the same length as Ryu. This is because every Teletubby will go over the same character so a model with a different length wouldn't work. This means the only difference between the models will be the antennae and textures. When Tinky-Winky is finished, I will release him individually then finish the other Teletubbies later.

My username is basically inspired from SMG4's video Tubbie Tv (if you have no idea what it is look it up on YouTube) and I'll be making this pack as a tribute to SMG4 (who often uses Teletubbies in his bloopers) I hope Luke and Kevin will showcase this mod when it's released.

I made the crowbar import because characters wielding crowbars appear often in SMG4's videos including Teletubbies. I just want to see them holding crowbars and fighting SMG4 and SM64 Mario in-game. For this reason, the second candidate if Ryu doesn't work is Marth (with the crowbar replacing the sword) but I'll probably try to import them over Ryu because there enough Marth model imports which actually use a sword already.
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