Red Bird (Angry Birds) over Jigglypuff (CANCELLED)

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Progress Report

Canceled at 80% completion


  • I was told that the model I'm currently using is very unoptimized which is likely the cause of the game crashing. Unfortunately I can't fix it, so this version of the mod is now cancelled. However, I'm going to redo the mod using a different model. I still have the version with the eyelid expressions but I will only put that version up for download if requested. I'm sorry Dreamcaster.
Game crashes, severely in need of help
  • I've made all of the expressions for the mouth opening and the eyebrows. I spent the PAST FEW DAYS making them and I ordered every expression in Smash Forge. The model should've been mostly finished now, but the problem is that the game now crashes whenever I try to load it. I'm incredibily pissed now because all the work I've done the past few days is in vain. I checked the filezise of the .nud and .nut and apparently the .nud's filesize is very large compared to Jigglypuff's. I added a beak model for every mouth expression and that's probably the cause of it, but l can't think of a possible workaround. I tried fixing this to no avail. I really need help. Plz message me on GB or Discord if you want to help.
tl;dr: I finished the expressions but the game crashes when I load them. I'm totally screwed now.

Red Slingshots into Battle!

If you want to download the beta version please download it here:

This version of the mod is discontinued, but I will remake it. The old version is still up for download. The new version will have a different model and everything the old version had including recolors.

About the issue;

I'm highly positive everything should be working as intended. The expressions are all in the right order. I even sent someone a screenshot of Smash Forge and he said it was fine. The problem could be the amount of polygons in every expression as the mouth expressions have 6 each. I don't think I can find a workaround to this.

The size of the .nud of the vanilla Jigglypuff model is 477 kb, versus my model's 4.257 kb. When it was just the eye expressions it was 946 kb and it worked fine. I've seen other models with a higher filesize that still work, and I have absolutely no idea why the filesize of this is so high and why it crashes.

If you want to help I can send you the file so you can investigate the issue.

Link to image I photoshopped: (from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes)

Hi guys, this is going to be my first model import. This is Red Bird/Red from the mobile game series Angry Birds over Jigglypuff. The model is not made by me and does not come from a game, it is made by Dreamcaster who gave me permission to use it. Because the model has no limbs it is very easy to rig because I need to rig to only one bone. The model mostly looks fine in-game but plz tell me if there's anything wrong with it.

Also if the model is completely red when you add it please use the Mass TexID fix.

The beta version includes:
-Model (+7 recolors)
-CSPs (for default color only)
-4 nameplates (Red and Red Bird in SSB4 nameplate and Angry Birds font)
-Voice (uses SFX from Angry Birds, Angry Birds Fight and Angry Birds Epic)
-Metal model

What still needs to be done:
-CSPs for recolors

-The Blues




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