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Progress Report



Skin is done... ish
  • Addition Skin is done and can be found here: https://gamebanana.com/skins/157808
Hello. I've decided to learn model importing, so here's what I have so far on my Korra over greninja import. Anything that is in the to do's section I will probably get to. If you see something you think could be improved that isn't in there feel free to tell me.

I've put captions on all the pics so be sure to read those.

I chose Greninja because #1 he's my main, #2 Aside from ash greninja there are no skins for him that change his model, just a bunch of cool recolors, and #3 Korra is a waterbender so it's fitting to put her over greninja,

If you have any tips on how to do anything in the todo's section I'd love to hear them. I'm very new to this so I only have a baseline knowledge on how to rig, I'm learning how to do it well.

The more I work on this, the more I see the issues with rigging it to greninja. It's a tough rig and because he's not human some things just won't look that good. My plan is to finish the greninja rig and make it look as good as possible (using SWG bones and expressions). The more I work on this the more comfortable I get with rigging in general, so even if the final product doesn't look as good as I would hope I will learn a lot from it that will make my future mods easier to make and, it will make them look better too.


Make Voice pack


  • 3mo
    mimien avatar
    mimien Offline
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    I am not saying you should pick another character but if you suspect when you finish this skin it will not end up fitting entirely. I would advise you to settle with a character more adequate to her body. In my pov it's better a fine looking character than a forced skin in a character just to match his properties. Of course you can do what you want this is just an opinion. Good luck!
  • 3mo
    lemmingscanfly avatar
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  • 3moEdited 3mo
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    Why not on Kamui? While greninja is water based character u can change the dragon parts on kamui to water type things instead of the dragon claws and stuff since they are one slot. Oh and the proportions are awful on greninja with human characters. If u don't want her having a sword then changed the sword to an element she bends and say she made a sword out of said element.
    I can put anything here?! avatar
    I can put anything here?!
  • 3mo
    Briyoda avatar
    Briyoda Offline
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    I REALLY want this WIP at its current state. By any chance can you PM a download?
    Falco! Punch!!!
  • 3mo
    PoptartEater1 avatar
    Member Joined 4mo
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    the head looks so tiny XD
  • 3moEdited 3mo
    DakotaBonez avatar
    Member Joined 1y
    250 points Ranked 15235th
    She usually used firebending, and the model might work better over someone like Sheik, but it's awesome to see a more daring model swap over a non-human character like Greninja.

    Even if it turns out bad, you can release it as a joke mod that people will love, like that Grandpa Pickles over Charizard mod.

    Don't listen to the haters, mod how you wanna mod. But next time, maybe wait until the mod is actually finished before posting it here.
    I want the world to smash
  • 3moEdited 3mo
    Putting her on a ninja frog just for the sake of water moves... seems a little silly considering his proportions, and the fact that she was skilled in two other elements... She wasn't only good in waterbending. 

    She looks so stretched out. I'd either wait until bone editing isn't broken, or put her on an actual human for the time being.
    1000 IQ Killjoy Detective
  • 3mo
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    She looks like the loser on Celebrity Deathmatch.
    I don't take requests. avatar
    I don't take requests.
  • 3mo
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    Greninja wasnt a good choice, looks like Lanky kong arms.
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    Poison Dragon Slayer
  • 3mo
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    Honestly I'd put her on Corrin or Sheik. Greninja has really screwy proportions that really don't look right at all for a person to be mapped to.
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