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Wario Colosseum Remake

A Work In Progress for Mario Kart 8

Progress Report

In Development - 50% finished


  • Addition Lighting! Custom lights will be baked!
  • Addition Additional objects and lights added. (Stadium lights are NOT FINAL, I will use Mario Stadium's effects to pull off bloom changes and such)
  • Improvement Many models remade. Some texture improvements.
  • Addition More normal and specular maps via high to low poly baking (example in pic 2)
  • Added Normal Maps for railing. Saves around 100k polys.
Expect in game screenshots soon. I may have this track ready for byaml edits for full track playability. 
This is an upcoming course i'm working on overhauling one of my most anticipated stages for mk8 that never made it as track/DLC. Currently tracks can be done and you can use my tutorial when released to make your own. I still plan doing a huge majority of the stage till the tools come such as byaml/object placement and texture tests for normal and spec maps. 

This stage will include:
Everything Remodeled
A shadow/AO map. 
HD textures
Normal and Spec maps
Anti-gravity sections
Glowing lights on railing and platform


I plan on adding both original and modified layouts. I personally want the original layout so I decided to have 2 options to so everyone can enjoy. The new layout will receive a massive overhaul this month to insure the layout can work with mk8 very well.

Layout of the stage:
This is overall mainly adding anti gravity to the stage while keeping the same layout of the stage. I got a bit of inspiration from GameXplain a bit. Anti gravity starts right before the big ramp and then goes back to normal once you get near the center bottom of the stage. The entire layout isn't 100% done and still need to work on it a bit more. Any suggestions would be great. 

If this track does not turn out as good in game I may delay it untill further research goes into things like AAMP files(in course.bgenv) to be edited so we can control stage lighting. However I do believe baking should do fine for now. 

Objects to add
Fire Ring from Wario Stadium if possible
Item boxes and coins
Spotlights from Mario Stadium
Other possible background elements
Fire bar possibly for a hazard.

A battle track alt was planned but will no longer happen due to the limitations of mk8 wii u. The paths simply can not work unless I figure out a possible way. Until then I may do one for mk8d when the time comes to mod that game. 


Add all objects
Finalize layout
Do shadow/AO map for most objects
Add tunnels
Add emission textures to mushroom city in the background so it glows in the distance
Redo mushroom city in the background to look more modern and better
The signs mainly need to be retextured along with the mario kart banner at start line.


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Key Authors
Models, and textures.
gave me ideas and also made Wario Kart sign texture
Special Thanks
Original model and design used for reference and remaking.
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In Development


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