Combine Styled Enclave

A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2

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Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished
Update: I haven't been satisfied with trying to get the coloration and appearance of these. Due to projects and other works, I'm afraid this is on hold until further notice. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I liked the Enclave's designs and putting aside their differences compared to the Combine, they're kinda the same enemies with gas mask like helmets except the one is half human and the other type has power armor.....anyway so an idea came to mind that said "Hey, what if the Combine had armor like the Enclave?" so like my other ideas, I said "Sure, that'll be interesting."

So two variants in mind:

FNV Enclave:
-Remnants APA (soldier, shotgunner, prisonguards)
-Remnants Tesla APA or Hellfire (Elite, once someone does port over the Remnants Tesla APA)


F3 Enclave:
-Enclave APA (soldier, shotgunner, prisonguards)
-Hellfire APA (Elite)

Both Soldier variants are WIP (the FNV version being more complete than the F3) but nothing else so far has been started for the other variant types.

What needs to be done?
-Shotgunner (both)
-Prisonguards (both)
-Elite (both)
-Recompiling animations (both)

If you have any suggestions with designs or which version of the APAs to use, feel free to let me know.

Also credit to Bethesda for creating Fallout with all their contents and to those who were nice enough to port over the models to the Source Engine.


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    It seems pretty cool !!
    Good luck finishing it, I'm looking forward for the final release.
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