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Warning! This WiP is 18+ and Not Safe For Work. If you're at work, showing grandpa your favorite mods or under 18, leave now.

Progress Report



Update #2 2y
  • - Chatterbox FM, Game Radio FM and Flashback FM are now UNCENSORED
  • - Redo Alpha and Beta combination recreations Head Radio and Lips 106
Update #1 2y

This is my first time to mod GTA III for the Mobile and this patch is still Work in Progress.

This Work in Progress Patch will remove censored dialogs and subtitles in some missions including return some removed audio files and improve and return some names, texts and strings for the mobile port (iOS and Android) of Grand Theft Auto III.

Information of the patch:

List of Missions that are now UNCENSORED:
  • Introduction (Jailbreak Scene)
  • Under Surveillance*
  • Kingdom Come
  • The Exchange

* = Corrected FBI as Mafia (Leone Family)

List of Removed Songs during development of GTA III and PC version that are now revived:
  • Tom Novy - "Back To The Streets" (Head Radio)
  • Connor & Jay - "Carry Me Off" (Head Radio)
  • AC/DC - "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (Head Radio)
  • Giacomo Puccini - "O Mio Babbino Caro" (Double Clef FM)*
  • Rev. Rooney & The Rocksta Choir - "God Bless All The Universe" (Lips 106, also appeared in Heavenly Radio in Grand Theft Auto 2)**
  • Marydancin - "Wash Him Off" (Lips 106)***
  • Debbie Harry and Giorgio Moroder - "Rush Rush" (Lips 106, also appeared in Flashback FM)***

* = Appeared exclusively on the Playstation 2 version of GTA III and was removed in the PC and XBOX versions
** = Partially appeared before the Lips 106 song previews
*** = Appeared on the Lips 106 song previews

List of Songs that are now UNCENSORED:
  • Da Shootaz - Joyride (Lips 106)


Corrected some Radio Station Names (to match Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories):
  • Double Cleff FM => Double Clef FM
  • Jah Radio => K-Jah

  • Changed Mission Complete Theme to match GTA III Theme (taken from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories)
  • Corrected and Improved some strings and text in the american.gxt file*
  • Removed song previews in Lips 106 (replace it with the song, God Bless All The Universe by Rev. Rooney & The Rocksta Choir)
  • Rename some character and vehicle names to match Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  • Revived the cut "Join The Military" Advertisement on Head Radio and Lips 106
  • Revived the cut "Liberty City Community Collage" Advertisement on Head Radio and Chatterbox FM
  • Revived the beta DeadDodo flight path (taken from v1.40 PAL of the Playstation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto III)
  • Some of the Radio Stations are now UNCENSORED

* = Majority corrected King Courtney missions subtitles due to in the final version, the subtitles are incorrect (if you enable subtitles in Settings) when the cutscene audio is played

See the screenshots for more information of this WiP Patch

  • GTA Vice City UNCENSORED Patch for Mobile


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