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A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

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Progress Report

In Development - 0% finished
A concept for a mod I've had for a very long time is a voice mod for Heavy Weapons Guy, replacing most of his quips and taunts with the voice of iconic cartoon character, Homer Simpson from The Simpsons. For some reason, I never really began working on this mod. But, now that I've managed to download Hit and Run and get the tools to rip voice lines and have a fair amount of time on my hands to go through episodes of the series and find suitable quotes, I'm ready to begin progress.

As of now, I've only replaced a small handful of lines. Specifically, Heavy's battlecries, Sandvich taunts (yes, there are some "Mmmmm *thing here* lines used) and a few gamemode specific lines. And, similar to my "Music Through The Ages" mod I made, I would greatly appreciate possible voice lines to use. If there's a quote from Homer you'd like to see used, say so in the comments below. Other then that, if you actually know any media other then the actual cartoon I can use, I'd appreciate it as well. Could come in handy.

I hope people are interested in this mod. It'll probably be my biggest mod yet, as well as my first "legit" voice mod.


Replace all Heavy lines with Homer
Casual/Competitive voice lines
Goofy Homer, an optional add-on pack in the style of Cookie's Goofy Class mod



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