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  • New photo added and final update added to main body of submission.
7-07-17 Completion Update 2y
  • China M07 Universal camo to Type97 Update. Details added to main body of Wip below.
6-07-17 2y
UPDATE 7-10-17

Finally done.  For today's update I have a shot of an updated skin for a custom mini-gun that now has proper normals, the "Diamond Mini-gun Skin."  Was raked over the coals for it when I originally released it, no one to blame but myself though. :P  Updated normals really brings this CoD "Black Ops II" inspired skin closer to emulating the source material that inspired it. 

This texture pack will be full of over 30 new and updated skins, old skins that aren't updated but relevant, some new animations and mesh hacks (etc) as well (thanks to additional authors).  A little over a year in preparation this is my largest single 'skin pack' release yet.  Maybe ever? :\

The Skins in this pack have inspiration from real world camos, concept skins, and skins from popular FPS games.  So there's something for everybody in the coming pack, my hope is it brings some additional digital fun to somebody out there besides just me for BF2.

Currently working on the media for the release day.  Hopefully I'll be able to get that done before the end of next weekend.  :)

UPDATE 6-07-17

Type97 with China's M07 Universal camo applied.  Had some fun with the alpha channel, making the camoed parts more matte while the brushed away exposed metal has a more metallic shine. :)  Almost finished with this pack and looking forward to sharing it.

UPDATE 5-31-17

Sig552 almost finished on it's skins.  Shown here is a recreation I did of a Bahrain Desert Digital pattern that I chose for this particular skin.

The default skin contained some heavy static lighting which didn't look particularly good when combined with a camo pattern; this required adjusting lighting and color using layers, air brushing, and general recoloring in some areas to smooth out oddities.

UPDATE 5-15-17

Here is a preview of the MW2 Woodland Camo scheme on a custom P90 for the texture pack.  Didn't want too much wear as I'm trying to capture the original 'feel' of the MW2 camo, with similar 'cleanness' and hue of the colors.

Work continues..

UPDATE 5-01-17

Previewing some work on a MAC11 I'm doing for this texture pack.  What I'm showing here is a camo inspired by what many refer to as 'Net' camo, with a real world pic of said camo on a US special forces kit included at top of screenshot.

Color scheme is borrowed from the "Call of Duty: Ghosts" Net camo, but I didn't like the pattern from the game but instead opted to emulate the real world net pattern seen in the pic.

Added wear to the texture for that rugged 'feeling' by erasing select parts of the camo layers.  The original default texture layer is edited to preserve the color of the camo texture, so I sample the original texture from a copy and place it within the camo erased areas.  A bit of air brush as well to give a sense of 'wearing off' on select parts of the camouflage.

More to come..

UPDATE 4-22-17

More progress.  Today is a pic of some work on a G36V applying the US Woodland Marpat camo pattern.  Careful to preserve the color of the pattern by adjusting the default texture.  Masking off parts of the texture for different hues and non Camoed parts.  Changing the color of the scope texture.  Currently playing with levels of wear on the Camo layer.

UPDATE 04-19-17

Several more skins finished.  Today is a pic of some work on a G36k applying a digital woodland camo pattern.

UPDATE:  04-17-17

With my M249 project out of the way progress continues on this texture pack.  Newly added pic shows work on the AIX Hk416, where I am adding the remade US Desert Camo specific to that mod to this weapon.

Misc tweaks made to the default skin through layers in order to try to preserve the color of the camo texture.  A little wear and tear here and there for flavor.  Note the pic of the ingame camo on the sleeve compared to the camo texture being applied to the HK416.  More to follow.

UPDATE:  10-08-16

Gloves finished.  Not exactly what I hoped for, but satisfied with end result.  Reconstructed a camo pattern from a popular Battlefield 2 mod based on the third person textures; this was done so I could redo the 1st person textures in a higher quality.

UPDATE:  9-09-16

New details added to glove.  Nearing completion of this particular portion of the texture pack.  Need to create the OS, then check the overall look and execution ingame.

New Texture Pack project I've started.  It will consist of a retex of a sleeve and some new gloves, and a combination of weapon retextures.  The weapon retextures will consist of actual camo patterns as well as concept patterns for fun.

Currently spent over 24 hours redoing sleeves and gloves (will exhibit more on sleeves later) and am currently working on finishing the gloves.  Once done there the weapons will be next.  Hope to have this done in a few weeks (hopefully).
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