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WiPParentSubmitterStats CSWS v1.4.3 1y
  • Fixed the M4A4's sound events
M4A4 Quick Fix 1y

A journal to keep me motivated.


CSWS 1.4.3 - 1 DEC 2017

Just a small update to make the weapons compatible with the Weapon Price Editor. The repurchase commands were overlapping and I had to add a line of code to each weapon to fix it...


I've encountered some people having problems with updating the weapons and that updating them one at a time was a chore. I agree. So I collected all the weapons in one neat little package, ready to just be dropped over your cstrike folder, and put it up here for download.

Now why didn't I think of this before? Papaschlange already gave me a similar idea. Anyway, hope I gotta get back to work. Enjoy!...

CSWS 1.4.2 - 2 NOV 2017

Updates have been released for all weapons. It is recommended that old versions should be removed first before installing.
Just to be clear, here again are the changes with more detail:
  • Implements CSGO's reload mechanic (I'm calling it reload point). Rounds are replenished when the mag is inserted but attack can be done after the reload animation is over or redeploying the weapon.
  • Inspect function is now smoother and more robust. The hardest to figure out among this batch of updates, especially for the CZ75. The Inspect Plugin, as of writing will mess up this function so it is advisable to disable it first when using these weapons until I get to overhaul it.
  • Improved weapon models taken from the <a Weapons Pack Update 3.
  • New sets of additional textures. Comprised of some of my favorites, most of them edited to look "bumped" and not like flat 2D paint.
  • Upgraded to CSWS 1.4.2 Base Code. There's honestly not much changes here. Most notable perhaps is replacing OFFSET values with their names. Other than that, it's mostly little fixes here and there.

I'd probably should fix that Inspect Plugin next. Anyway, thank you and I hope you enjoy these new updates...

UPDATES - 29 OCT 2017

Some exciting updates coming to all weapons here:
  • Reload Point - Implemented CSGO's reload system where the rounds are replenished at the point when the mag is inserted, but attacking can be done only after the reload animation is done. You can cancel the reload once the mag is inserted, grab your sidearm, then go back to your primary already lock and loaded.
  • New Inspect System - A more robust system for the inspect function. Makes for smoother execution. No more havin 'Inspect' interrupting other animations or waiting too long to inspect again.
  • Improved Models and Textures - Took the fixed models from UP3 and included some edited skins for each weapon.
  • Code Fixes - More of the boring stuff like general code fixes and renamings, especially those OFFSETS.
I'm done with all the updates except for the CZ75. It's being a real pain in the butt because of Ham_Weapon_WeaponIdle. Expect the updates to roll out this week...

CZ75 RELEASED - 18 OCT 2017

After so long, the CZ75 has finally been released. And with that, concludes the CS:GO Weapons Project. Thank you to everyone for all the support and seeing this through the end. So long and farewell, everyone!
What's that? What do you mean it's not over yet? What do you mean it's still incomplete? Molotov? What about it? What does the Greek god of lightning have to do with any of this???

Okay so I may have cheated there a bit. But truth is, those equipment need some serious scripting know-how to work properly. To bring some sort of closure for now, let's say this is part 1.

Part 2 might not come any time soon as I'm just finishing some stuff hanging before going on a long break, to try and get the interest in modding back again. Because I'm gonna need lots of it for part 2. So 'til then, Cheerio!...


Updates [AUG 8-OCT 10]
CSWS v1.4.1 [AUG 1]
R8 Release [JUL 29]
Updates [JUL 5-10]
Day of the Kill Icons [JUN 30]
CZ75 & R8 Beta Updates [JUN 22-24]
P2000 Update [JUN 18]
CSWS 1.3 [MAY 24]
Updates [MAY 14-24]
TEC-9 Updates [APR 19-22]
M4 Updates [APR 15]
Sawed-Off Updates [APR 13-14]
Mag-7 Updates [APR 9]
Negev Updates [MAR 2-26]
Bizon Updates [FEB 13-26]
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  • Playur avatar
    Playur Joined 11mo ago
    Oh man i cant wait for the next CSGO weapon. Oh and hellmonja, dude your plugins are AWESOME.
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  • kaitouconan2004 avatar
    kaitouconan2004 Joined 2y ago
    132 points Ranked 26421st
    i'm waiting for your next amx csgo weapon! Are you working on it?
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  • Mr.Cop avatar
    Mr.Cop Joined 2y ago
    526 points Ranked 9590th
    Can the bots use them? Also can you add the incendiary grenade from cs:go and the M72 LAW and anti-tank mine from cscz:ds?
    Miami SWAT
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  • Qarllos avatar
    Qarllos Joined 9mo ago
    Perfect! Im using arm switcher, when I become ct everything just fine, but when I become a terrorist, cz75 be a glock 18 and sawedoff be a nova and Tec-9 be a fiveseven, r8 become deagle, how to fix it. (Sorry for bad English)
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  • xIron_Man avatar
    xIron_Man Joined 9mo ago
    =D Hola Amigo Excelente Plugin Estoy Esperando Los Plugin ( Zeus x27 , Decoy Granade , Incendiari Grenade , Molotov , Chaleco ) A Amigo Tubiera Bien Si Sacara Una Nueva Version de La Rueda de Armas y La Hud del Cs.Go Para Cs 1.6 Seria Le Mejor Juegos Del Mundos y El Universo XD

    ( Pero Hablando En Serio Ere El Mejor Amigo Son Bueno Los Plugin )
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  • ntz avatar
    ntz Joined 1y ago
    how do i remove // delete the old version or remove the old version? what files do i have to deletee
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  • naeciof avatar
    naeciof Joined 2y ago
    349 points Ranked 13292nd
    That's why I love this Studio!
    Banana Brazil
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  • idk how to install it... :[
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  • Molotov pleaseeeeee
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  • papaschlange avatar
    papaschlange username pic Joined 3y ago
    Tin Foil Hitman
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    Part II incoming!
    Stop water fluoridation
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