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Colt King Cobra .357 - A Work In Progress for Black Mesa.

Progress Report

In Development - 70% finished

Making this specifically for BMS.

Update 6:

I've decided that this is in fact a Colt King Cobra. Nearly done with the textures, and then it's off to make a world model, and it's done.

Uploading a video that shows the shaders properly. Youtube will definitely compress it to shit so  you'll have to look at the pics for texture fidelity.

Update 5:

Working on defining the base materials, then adding some missing details, then detail textures for the win.

Update 4:

Calling the model done. I might go back and add some geometry on the cylinder release thingy, but the bake turned out pretty nice.


Update 3: I very much want to keep this model in one piece (no floaters or cheating with the normal map), and I REALLY didn't want to retopologize the grip by hand to allow for a proper diamond pattern, so I figured why not do it by displacement map?

I UVd the grip highpoly before applying turbosmooth, while only giving proper UVs to the pertinent parts. Then I baked a tileable texture, set it all up in photoshop with an appropriate mask, and did displacement mapping. At this setting, the turbosmooth is at 2x, displacement modifier at 1x, and it takes about 10 seconds to apply any settings I change. When it's time to render normals, i'll just up the turbosmooth to 3 or 4.

Update 2: Only got hammer and some deetz left :) Also fixed loads of little smoothing errors I didn't see before I put the glossy material on.

Update: switched the placeholder stuff for real stuff without pinching ;) also started the grip, but it's super early and doesn't have any shape to it yet. Now only to finish the grip, do the hammer, and add all the details.

I love the look of the default HL1/HL2 revolvers, so I'm doing this King Cobra and adding stuff to it to pretty much end up with a redone more accurate revolvy. It's missing a lot of parts, and I plan on modeling in all the details so I don't have to do so much texture work.

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