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  • New Progress Pics and Commentary Added (100% Level)
Update 5-22-15 3y
  • New photos and commentary added.
Updated W.I.P. 3y

New Woodland Marpat and (soon) New Gloves

  • UPDATE 5-22-2015*
Third Person textures for Light soldier model, Heavy soldier model, and kit textures done. Everything is pretty much complete with the exception of the normals, which I plan to do shortly. Since this project is closer to 100% than 90% I'll just go ahead and list it as complete. :) Release will be connected with another project I hope to release with another BF2 modder at a later date. Hopefully sooner than later.

Thanks for taking interest in my project. Coming (soon?) to a Gamebanana near you.


UPDATE 5-7-2015

Finally got something worth showing so here it is. 1st person Homefront Glove textures ported (IP owner on Gamebanana Porting Whitelist), with new custom details for my USMC Woodland Marpat sleeves. I call them "War Weary Woodland Marpat" with dirt/mud, wear, tears, custom stitching and US Flag patches all inspired by Homefront. Just made sense that since the gloves were so worn that the uniform should be as well.

Fun fact: Since this Woodland Marpat texture is directly from an actual image of Woodland Marpat cloth, the USMC logo is buried deep within the details. Can't see it with the naked eye, but it's there. :P

Putting this at 70% as all the first person work (textures, OS files, alpha) is complete, which I see as the most intensely detailed and tedious work for this particular texture set.

Next step is to create a combination of BF2, Homefront, and my own textures for the 3rd person. Since it's not going to be a complete revamp it shouldn't be as much work as the 1st person, though if any textures are not changed they will be at least upgraded to a higher texture resolution.

End update

I feel this is less than 10% done so I left it at 0% on completion level. Still have gloves, 3rd person textures, kit textures, OS maps, etc so still quite a ways to go.

Been trying to get the pattern size correct by studying a Marines brochure I have. I was actually surprised how off the default BF2 Woodland Marpat pattern was, default texture pattern was way too small.

There are honestly several really good Woodland Marpats for the USMC already in the BF2 community, but based on the gloves I'll be using I'm going to put a spin on this texture set I've not seen yet. Hopefully it'll turn out well.



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