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EDIT- MAP COMPLETED... DOWNLOAD HERE: ----- EDIT- Uploaded a Hammer SDK level design video: ### de_santa_monica - Hammer SDK - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ---- Hey all! This is my WiP for the 2014 CEVO CSGO contest. This map is about 80% completed. I still need to complete T-spawn and one outside area. The map also needs some more detailing, shadow/ prop fixes, a skybox, and some other stuff that comes towards the end like the nav file, and cubemaps etc. The map is optimized with many Areaportals (around 20) and hint brushes, so the fps is always maxed out at 300fps for me and I hope it remains that way after everything is completed. I started level design on March 29th, which was about a month into the competition. I have taken time-lapse screen shots of almost my entire level design process in Hammer and I will make that video available upon the final release of the map. Layout: The time between bombsites is about 14 seconds. The time from CT spawn to bombsites is 7-10 seconds. The time from T spawn to bombsites is 15-17 seconds. The map is not too big or too small, somewhere around the size of de_dust2 I would think. The level’s layout, looking top down, is based on a triangle structure. T spawn is at the top of the triangle, the two bomb-sites are on either corner of the bottom of the triangle, and the CT spawn is between the two sites on the bottom of the triangle. This was the initial abstract layout that I had started with, it has changed slightly but still has the same flow following the triangle layout. Bombsite B has three entrances, two main ones and one side entrance. Bombsite A technically has 5 entrances but more like 3 choke points to enter the area. If anyone has been/ lives in Santa Monica, you will know how easy it is to be inspired by the enormous amounts of contemporary modern architecture. The custom artwork is done from a friend of mine, Kyler Barnes. Check out his Facebook page ([Kyler Barnes Art]( "Kyler Barnes Art")) for all his artworks and if you are interested in purchasing art for a reasonable price you should contact him. Some of the art pieces in this level are actually for sale along with many others! Thanks for checking out my WiP! Vote for me! =)



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