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Progress Report

In Development - 80% finished

My shot at another set of mp5 anims.

Mp5 animations I decided to cook up. I really like the mp5, it has a nice feel, and look. Really hope that this time I did better than my last mp5 animation.. Which was, to say the least, very unrealistic, lol. I plan on releasing this to the animation section in models for someone to hopefully compile, but I would like feedback on it first. I might add Left 4 Dead animations so I can try to compile them in l4d2. But, we'll see what happens. Don't have a lot of time to do anything, anymore. BUT. Regardless, here you go, a nice, juicy preview :


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    All your animations have an awkward resemblance to each other, they are overall too bouncy and realistic though they have the basic movement laid down. In this case I'm not anywhere near impressed, over the last few months with your animations I can't really see any kind of improvement.

    I'd recommend you to do similar movement to other animators and try to imitate their sets to advance your animating experience. Although these kinds of animations where good a long time ago when we didn't have the same kind of advanced software as we do now I really think that you should reconsider all your movement before you do the animations. Carefully plan out on which frames things should happen and work a lot on your transitions and flow of movement.

    Sometimes your animations are either too bouncy or too choppy, you should find a balance between those factors and work around it to create better animations. For instance firing animations should be choppy at the start but should transition into smooth movements later on, you should really look up some references about the gun you're animating and look at the footage in slow motion to see how the gun reacts when it's shot and approx how much it weighs.

    To summarize I really think that you can do better animations than this but you need to work on almost every kind of movement and stop making those awkward and quick bounces you have in all of your animations.

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    Where do you get those models from?


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