Counter-Strike Modern Warfare Imitation

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In Development - 20% finished

Counter-Strike Modern Warfare Imitation

Modern Warfare Imitation ========================
I can help in Compilations, re-animations, hacking and retexturing.
I'll be doing the pistols and the knives. I'll be modelling and texturing the sleeve model. Our own sleeve model.

Meanwhile, you should be able to compile something for the rifles. Commonly used M4A1 MW2 Animations is from [DMG]( "DMG's Animations"). AK47 MW2 animations from [.eXe]( "AK47 MW2 Animations") ported and handrig by [kalasnikov88]( "kalasnikov88's Profile"). You can use them, rehack new AK's on it, and add eotechs.

Don't worry about the sleeves, I'm very serious now. I'll be doing it. But before you give your work to me, don't compile it yet. Just give me the files: sequences.smds, reference model, textures and qc. file. Because if you compiled it, I'll be needing to decompile it again to add sleeves thus, moving some vertices of the model. So that's all at the moment.

And please comment also if someone wants to help about the HUD, please comment and say "I'll make the HUD".

You can give suggestions about the snipers.
God bless. :D Take care and have fun :)
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