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Progress Report

In Development - 30% finished

A complete re-skin of my multigame with extra maps added.

More screen shots (with captions) available here: [Clicky]( Original Map on GB : [Clicky]( My goal with this version of the map is to complete it once and for all. There will be a possible version 3 but that will be a long way away. With this update there are Two new maps ============ - Knife Tournament : 2v2 - Ice Skate So whats special about these new minigames. There are no bugs with the knife tournament, only 2 players from any one team at any time all selected randomly by the system I have made. They simply get added when their team mate dies. There is no mess with 5 v 1 as was the case in other knife rings in other mg maps. And the Ice Skate, well as far as I am aware I have the first Ice Skate that does not bug your camera into the air when you start to skate. I have used a relatively simple method to make it work. Everything worked perfectly when test on a server. Bug Fix ======= - There were issues when player kept 2000hp after spawn, this is now fixed. - There where issues when players did not receive a knife at the start of the map, This is now fixed. - Football is now locked until the command phys_pushscale is unlocked. Reskin ================== Well as you can see I am going with a neon space age theme, this works beautifully with the new csgo light effects. This time round I am putting time and effort into the theme so it all looks perfect Music ===== To match the new theme the music in the map is now from the "Nightcore" genre. Support Me ================== If you want to be notified of beta tests and have early access to download the map join my group! I view it of a list of my supporters and it gives me an incentive to map if there are more people in it. So here's the link: [Clicky]( "") **Well tell me what you think!** Update #1 ================== Updated with more pics now! [Clicky]( I have also now changed the % completion to how many of the areas I have converted. Areas converted = 5/17 ==================



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