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DE_Hydro has been released! Get it here: []( "DE_Hydro GBB Page") ================================== LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS! ================== **Send me a PM if you're interested in beta testing for me. If I can get enough people, we can try and do a live server test, otherwise, testing will be done individually and with bots.** The map is currently ready to be released, however the [Radar glitch]( "") and beta testing still remain before I do release it. Optimized Map ============= Phew, it was anything but done. Just spent the better part of 12 hours Optimizing this thing 0.o Anyways, here's the results, and they pretty much show what I spent half a day doing...I should really be paid for this... OLD - 2751 portalclusters - 9184 numportals - Total clusters visible: 1554975 - Average clusters visible: 565 - Average clusters audible: 2448 - visdatasize:1488488 compressed from 1892688 NEW - 1693 portalclusters - 4845 numportals - Total clusters visible: 257256 - Average clusters visible: 151 - Average clusters audible: 379 - visdatasize: 245411 compressed from 731376 Humble Beginnings... ==================== Started as the equivalent of doodles, found it it actually had gameplay potential. Thinking of leaving it as is, but contemplating a what I could do to make a third path to B for T's. Map is fully textured, lighting is finished, props are done, and unless I notice any serious issues with the nav, I guess it's pretty much done. Just have the Radar pic left to make. Basic Story =========== Terrorists are attempting to destroy either the Waste Control Management Center or the Hydro Turbine in the nearby waterway, causing panic and interrupting power to the vast majority of the city. CT's were having a picnic nearby and decided, sure, why not, they could shoot at some T's. Photos from Beta 0.5.2 ====================== (current version is 0.9.7) -------------------------- Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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