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Here I'll place all the props I've have made for MM. List so far, bar_stool_1 bar_table_1


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    Looks like exactly what's needed. I'll do my best to edit my post with a real list tomorrow or friday. OK real list (bear in mind this is what I can think of from the first major mission):
    Prop List - Mission 01: - Bar stool - Bar table - Chair - Small restaurant level table (essentially the setup you'd find in a small Bed and Breakfast) - Counter (repeatable so mappers can fit it to map) - Glasses of various drinks (we can brand them later just a few shapes for now. Include spirit bottles for hanging on the wall as well as a few others, essentially what you see behind any bar) - Plates - Cutlery - Bed (double and single) - Toilet - Sink - Door - Light fixtures (various) - Lamp - Windows (various, include sill) - Wall cabinet (see above sink in bathroom) - Shower head - Shower (closing door enclosed) I'll add more as I think of them. Lot of stuff there but most of it can be recycled throughout the game. As you can guess the initial area is a small B&B hotel hence props for this area are primary priority. Ask if you want pictures/inspiration for anything there :)
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