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Progress Report

In Development - 60% finished
Map Description: BLU have infiltrated REDs Executive Aerial Control Centre Jet and need to take control of key sections of the plane, thus significantly damaging RED's attack capabilities. BLU must work their way from the already captured loading bay at the tail of the plane to the cockpit to take complete control of the plane. RED simply have to stop this from happening in the time limit before the plane lands again. There are 3 levels; - Above Deck: Air ducts and vents which can be broken to gain access to other areas - Flight Deck: Where the passenger areas, offices and control rooms are based - Below Deck: Cargo and various machinery, with vents to the upper areas Features so far: Working cargo elevator to gain access to all 3 levels Custom sounds and textures from the 1960's (1968 to be precise) Breakable vents and doors to widen the area of gameplay Realistic(?) effects such as vapour trails, subtle camera shake and wind Planned Features: Refreshment Trolley which is dangerously rolling up and down the aisles as seen in most action movies Custom HUD showing plane layout and capture zones Custom models i.e Passenger seats to lower filesize RED Security Systems, i.e Pre-built Sentries which must be disabled by destroying control panels or similar entities Snakes Samuel L Jackson Misc: This map may be part of a trilogy with other maps by fellow Undead Clan compadre Nuce, who has already started on an Airport Map where you start in the terminal and fight your way through customs, baggage etc to get to the plane. This would fit very nicely, also if anyone has an idea for the final map (or indeed a previous one) please get in touch. I began this map by using a model of an Airfrance Airbus A320, but just had far too many problems texturing the model and getting it to play nicely with TF2. There is a map for CSS which uses the same model, and seeing as I was originally making the same plane with the same model I referred heavily to that map. For TF2, I made the plane much larger, tripled it's length and added 2 more engines. There are some nice HL2 textures from the other map which suit a plane perfectly, but will probably need stylising for TF2. Anywho, the map isn't similar to the other map at all now so hopefully i wont get bummed for plagiarism. If you're really that interested, I turned the A320 into a Boeing C-137 Stratoliner, the plane used as Air Force One during the 60's, making it a perfect candidate for TF2. Known Bugs: Func_decals such as the RED logo (see pics) don't rotate when compiled. Help? I can't actually do a full-compile without waiting for a week for it to complete so I'm having to use fast compiles. If anyone knows how to optimise the map or a fix please help, it's getting really annoying :P Anyway, I added this WIP so y'all can post some ideas, feedback and general opinions of this map. If you would like to see something unique and interesting in this map just say it and I'll try to fit it in somewhere.
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