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Well, 1corridor_tvn is a great map and is a favourite amongst the corridor masters community. Although when the corridor masters server had six people a side players would spawn inside each other, so I decided to decompile the map and fix this problem. While doing this I had some compiling issues because of a leak in the map, so I boxed the map up. People complained that there fps was lower and that they lagged. Only a few people with very poor systems, I personally was getting 200fps in most places on my X1600 pro. Another problem that has persisted with both maps is that at random intervals the map would go completely dark for a few seconds, and if you changed a cfg the map would go pitch black and stay that way. So I have decided I am going to completely decompile tvn again and re-build it, not modify the existing one, but re-build it using the old file for size references and texture references. The old map was such a mess in how it was made that modifying it would be more work than it's worth. The new version will be completely optimized, by building it all with the nodraw texture and then texturing only the visible faces I will improve performance on older machines, I will also be able to make sure there are no leaks and no bugs. I will also be making some small texture changes to improve how the map looks, and I will also add a small room with some credits in there, a CM member list, and some buttons to play music throughout the map, one song for each of the best CM members and most recognised community members.


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    Posted by Ambrose Looks good, add some props later too ;D
    I am trying to keep it as close to the original map as possible, so I don't think I will be adding any. What did you have in mind? I will probably add some decals in there, but other than that nothing other than what is listed.
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    Looks good, add some props later too ;D
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