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Porting content between games is a controversial issue. Between copyright ownership, developers stances, and the general use of the content being ported, some companies may not appreciate having their content being taken from their native title and placed elsewhere. As such, we here at GameBanana respect the legitimate rights of developers and copyright-holders, and as such have adopted an efficient notice and takedown procedure as required by the DMCA. 

Please refer to our DMCA Policy for further information.

GameBanana will take action against ported content from companies if we are contacted by the developer/copyright-holder of the game in question at any time with a DMCA takedown. The companies listed below are companies that have either contacted us or our users have contacted to determine their official or unofficial stance on using ported content from their games. Please keep in mind that the companies listed under the Confirmed and Grey Area sections of the list are still completely able to submit a DMCA takedown and we would be required to comply. Consider the list below a rough guideline of how a company's views the porting of their content, nothing more. All content, whether in the Confirmed, Grey Area or if the company is not listed at all will be handled via DMCA takedowns only. 

You may not submit ported content of anything that would violate site and section-specific rules, as well as anything that comes from developing/copyright-holding companies listed under the Definite No section.


The following game developers have indicated that they will permit content from their games to be ported to other games, provided it is not for profit and full credit is given and other requirements have been met.

Grey Area

The following game developers have indicated that although they do not officially endorse the idea of porting their content, they tend to not take action provided a) it's for non-commercial use and b) they are not slandered.

Definite No

The following game developers have indicated that they will NOT permit content from their games to be ported to other games, under any circumstances. Fair Use may apply under certain circumstances though.

Guidelines to Porting

While most developers/copyright-holders may not respond openly to their content being ported to other games, there are a few simple guidelines that must be followed for all of the ones who are okay with their content being ported to other games. These guidelines are listed as follows:

Defamation of character:
Use of the content in a way that can be seen as being done in a defamatory manner (or in layman's terms, using the content to put a bad image on the company) is strictly prohibited. As such, use of the content in a defamatory manner will not be tolerated here at GameBanana, and will be taken down. Examples of this would be (but are not limited to) using a character from the Sonic franchise to promote drug use, or using a character from the Counter-Strike series to promote hate against another race or religion; while these examples may seem like simple site rule enforcement, companies can (and usually will) file a lawsuit against individuals (or groups of individuals) for using their content in such a manner.

Inappropriate use of the content:
Use of the content in a way that can be seen as being highly inappropriate is strictly prohibited. This mainly coincides with rules 1.6 (Graphic Content) and 1.6.1 (NSFW Toggle) of the site's rules, but with the additional chance of a possible lawsuit from the developers/copyright-holders.

Proper crediting of ported content:
While inherently obvious, proper credit must be given at all times when using ported content. If you don't know the name of the developing/copyright-holding company behind the game that the content in question belongs to, take the time to look it up before uploading, and do not claim credit for anything you didn't explicitly make (i.e., taking credit for making a character model that was actually ripped from the Sonic series).

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