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Games, Sections, and Categories - A Wiki

This Wiki will cover the different ways submissions in Gamebanana are organized, as well as cover any important terminology that new users may find confusing.

One of the most important rules on Gamebanana is that you must post everything in the right place. This ensures that people can find the right mods for the right games. There are also many other rules relating to quality control, but those won't be talked about in this Wiki.

1. Games

Gamebanana is divided into different "Games". These "Games" or "Game Sections" contain all of the submissions related to a specific video game, game engine, or even Gamebanana itself.

If a video game does not have its own Game Section on Gamebanana, you can choose to add your game as a Game submission. This will create a new place for you to upload mods for that game:

(todo: add screenshots)

2. Sections

Sections are the different types of submissions that you can submit to Gamebanana. These include Mods, Sounds, Concepts, Blogs and more.

For many new users, the different sections can be confusing. It's becoming increasingly common for
modders to post their work to the wrong section.

Game Managers can disable certain sections if the game does not support them.

2.1. Modding-related

2.1.1. Mods

Mods are the main section you will be uploading to. They contain almost everything from custom levels, skins, unfinished work, and even entire overhauls. This is the only modding-related section that has its own global categories, which are available for every game. Categories are discussed later on in this Wiki.

(todo: cover each mod category)

2.1.2. Scripts

Scripts are small snippets of code used with a game. These can range anywhere from buy scripts to game settings.

2.1.3. Sounds

Sounds is where you'll upload any mods that only change sound effects or music. (example)

Sounds require you to upload a short preview in MP3 or OGG format. You should have audio splicing software such as Audacity if you want to be able to easily make these.

2.1.4. Sprays

Sprays are decal textures that you can place on walls in some games. Very few games support this feature.

2.1.5. Tools

Tools are custom software that help users enhance their game experience. Mod managers, modding tools, and other programs go here.

Cheat software is not allowed. Uploading malware will get your account instantly banned.

2.2. Development-related

2.2.1. Contests

Contests are modding competitions hosted by game managers and site staff. Not to be confused with Jams, which are community-run and community-funded.

2.2.2. Jams

Jams are modding competitions run by other users. They cost a minimum of 1000 points to submit. Other users can increase the prize pool by donating their points to the jam and "boosting" it's bounty. Jams usually have some kind of gimmick or twist to them, which the competing submissions must be themed around.

As of now, Jams cannot be accessed from the Add menu. You must enter in /jams/add in your address bar to submit one. Tom, please fix.

2.2.3. Concepts

Concepts are small ideas and design docs. Examples of this include character sketches and map drawings.

2.2.4. Projects

These are large folders which can keep track of several other submissions and store them in one place. This is useful for large, massive mod packs. Projects are very rarely used.

2.2.5. Requests

This is where you can ask others to make mods for you. You can donate points to your request, which will increase the bounty. Once someone has created what you asked for, you can give them the bounty and close the request. Others may boost your request's bounty if they like your idea and want it to become a real mod. The higher the bounty, the more likely it is that someone will complete the request.

If you would rather pay real money to have a specific person do this for you, instead of waiting for a volunteer, try Checkpoint!

2.2.6. Tutorials

Tutorials are long, detailed guides which can cover several topics from modding to drawing and even gameplay tips.

Tutorials take some effort to write. A good tutorial should be easy to understand, detailed, constructive, easy to read, and on-topic.

2.2.7. Works-in-Progress (WIPs)

WIPs are unfinished submissions that are currently in development. They can include beta versions of an upcoming mod, as well as a progress bar to let others know how the development process is coming along. Completed WIPs can be linked to the finished product, if the final version is submitted separately.

2.3. Social sections

2.3.1. News

News items are user-written, journalistic pieces following a certain game covering things like release info, updates, DLC announcements, etc.

2.3.2. Articles

Article items are similar to news except they go more in-depth and are more akin to an opinion piece about a certain aspect of a game or are about the background of a game's development.

2.3.3. Blogs

Blogs are long, standalone posts which can cover a wide range of topics. If you feel like venting your thoughts, or just telling everyone how you're doing, this is the place to do it!

2.3.4. Events

Events are scheduled plans for the site.

2.3.5. Polls

Polls allow other users to vote on a question. If you're having a hard time picking between two choices and want a second opinion, or if you're just curious what other people think on a topic, this is a great way to do that.

2.3.6. Questions

Questions are Q&A threads where you can ask others for help with a technical problem. If you are having issues with a mod and need help fixing a problem, you can post the details of your issue here and get suggestions from other users. If a reply to your question has helped you solve a problem, you can mark it as "Top Answer". Top Answers are highlighted, and the member who posted it will recieve 20 points.

If you want something done for you instead, please post it as a Request, not a Question.

2.3.7. Threads

Threads are forum posts where you can discuss a variety of topics.

2.3.8. Wares

Wares are products you can sell on Gamebanana for points. You can also use them to advertise commissions. (example)

2.4. Miscellaneous Sections

2.4.1. Apps

These are custom extensions for Gamebanana which add features to the site. They are most commonly used for custom profile modules, which can add all kinds of features to your profile, like sound effects and integration with other websites.

2.4.2. Bugs

This is where you report problems with Gamebanana that need to be fixed by the site developers.

2.4.3. Clubs

These are groups where members with common interests can join and interact with eachother. Clubs can also have uberstyles, which will change the way their profiles look. Unlike Profile Uberstyles, Club Uberstyles do not cost points.

2.4.4. Games

As discussed previously, these are where content for specific games are uploaded. They contain everything ever submitted to the site.

2.4.5. Ideas

Ideas are suggestions for proposing upcoming site features and changes.

These are NOT for posting mod-related ideas. If you have an idea related to a mod or game, post it in Concepts. If you want a mod made for you, ask for it in Requests.

2.4.6. Models

These are where users can submit 3D objects for them to be used in other projects or as references, either as props, attachments, or set pieces.

2.4.7. Positions Available

PAs are job advertisements used to recruit modders into your studio. You can request specific talents and convince others to help you with your work.

2.4.8. Reviews

These are reviews of different products, games, and hardware. You can rate the product on several points using JSON, and the site will automatically calculate an overall score on a scale of 1 to 10.

2.4.9. Studios

Teams of dedicated content creators who work together on their submissions. Mods can be associated with studios, and the studio will be credited for that mod. Studios can also have their own Uberstyles, which will appear on all of their mods. Unlike Profile Uberstyles, Studio Uberstyles do not cost points.

2.4.10. Status Updates

These are short bits of text for giving out brief updates. They are similar to blogs, but significantly less feature-complete and much simpler.

2.4.11. Wikis

Wikis are educational guides about Gamebanana. You're reading one right now! If you ever have questions about the site, the Wikis section is the first place you should look for answers.

They are also the place for the rules of the site.

3. Categories

Categories are the smaller, more specific ways of organizing your submissions. Every Section and Game have their own set of categories. For example, Team Fortress 2's Sounds section has categories for weapon sounds and taunts.

If a category you need is missing, it's usually a better idea to simply put your submission in the "Other/Misc"  category than to submit a new one. New categories are often trashed if they are not needed.

Categories are specific to the game and section you are submitting to, as previously described. Each game and submission type will have different options available.

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