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Likes System

A Wiki

In March 2019, GameBanana switched from an out-of-10 rating system to a like system. This was done to address long running abuse issues and a general decline in usage of the rating system.

The GameBanana Like System is pretty straightforward, much like any like system on the internet, with a few exceptions:

  1. There is no disliking - if you don't like a submission, move on. If it breaks rules, flag it.
  2. Submission owners receive point awards after achieving Like Milestones.
  3. You can Unlike and Relike.
  4. Submission owners are only notified about Likes. Unlikes and relikes occur silently.
  5. You cannot like your own submissions, or submissions by your own Studio.

Like Milestones

Submission owners receive point awards when they achieve certain numbers of likes:
  • After 5 likes, 10 points are awarded
  • After 10 likes, 50 points are awarded
  • After 25 likes, 250 points are awarded
  • After 50 likes, 500 points are awarded
  • After 100 likes, 1000 points are awarded

Unliking a submission will not reverse a previously awarded milestone, and reliking something will not retrigger a previously awarded milestone.

Old Ratings

We decided to carry over 7+/10 ratings from the old system to the new Likes system. Any ratings of 7 or higher became likes, unless you opted out during the 1-month grace period.

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    access_time 1y
    I "like" this idea.  :x

    Yeah I know, not very original but somebody had to say it.
    BF2 Enthusiast avatar
    BF2 Enthusiast
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  • Thunderkeil avatar
    Thunderkeil username pic Joined 7y ago
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    access_time 1y edit 1y
    I'll agree the ten-point scale wasn't useful in how it was being applied, but this really doesn't solve anything.

    Why not just cut it down to a negative/neutral/positive scale? Now the score will only tell us how much exposure something has received, rather than whether people thought it was good or not..

    Might as well also remove all the negative comment stamps while you're at it? Follows the exact same reasoning you've provided here.
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    access_time 1y
    Finally, Gamebanana sunk to the niveau of Facebook...
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    access_time 1y
    Thank God for buffering the point bonus so as to not further clutter the already cluttered points log.

    Also I see that unliking has been implemented in contrast to the original idea, any reason for the shift in thinking?
    Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam avatar
    Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
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