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GameBanana is made up of hundreds of moddable games. In order to help each game grow, we need Game Managers.

1. Requirements

  1. Do you love a particular game? 
  2. Have you made multiple mods for this game? 
  3. Do you consider yourself mature and responsible? 

If you answered Yes! to these questions, you should consider applying to become a Game Manager, because you have all the qualities necessary to support your game and its fans on GameBanana.

2. Responsibilities

Game Managers are the first point of contact for members with questions and concerns about submissions. They ensure submissions adhere to our rules and manage disputes around flags and ratings. They also help and encourage new modders to improve their skills.

3. Benefits

Game Managers receive the following perks:

  • A Game Manager medal
  • Listing on the game's homepage
  • A manager tag next to their name in posts within the game and its submissions.

4. Powers

Game managers have the following powers over submissions within the game(s) they manage:

  • Withholding & unwithholding submissions.
  • Editing submissions.
  • Removing ratings.
  • Removing flags.
  • Viewing modlogs and adding modnotes.
  • Editing the game's homepage info areas.

To learn more about what a Game Manager does, you can read through the Game Manager Quick Start Guide wiki and the Game Manager Common Actions wiki.

5. Maturity

As game managers have access to several moderator powers, the role will only be awarded to users that have proven themselves to be mature on the site. Having a modlog in good standing, providing Exemplary Feedback, being active on the site over an extended period of time and generally proving to be a helpful user on the site will all be beneficial when making a Game Manager application.

You need to make the application via a support ticket, following this link. If you make a post below as your application, your post will not be considered and it will generally point towards you not having enough maturity to be a game manager as you didn't even bother to read this wiki all the way through.

6. Apply Now

Submit your application as a Support Ticket. Your application should include the following:
  • Name
  • Age
  • The Game you are applying for
  • Qualifications (why you think you're good to manage the game)
  • Personal pros and cons
  • Specific examples (if any) of you displaying manager qualities

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