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    Issue with Submissions:

    A post may be flagged for any of the following reasons:
    1. Extremely poor quality
    2. Repost
    3. Incorrect/ Missing credits
    4. Slurs of any sort
    5. Incorrect Category
    6. Incorrect Game
    7. Mod does not work
    8. Using other's mods without permission
    9. Threatening another user
    10. Evidence of Point Farming
    11. Pornography

    These are just examples of why a post should be flagged. All decisions by moderators are final, and only to be argued by the submitter and the moderator if there is an issue.

    A flagged post may result in trashing the submission, withholding the submission, or nothing if the moderator finds no reason to withhold or trash it.

    Issue with Comments/ Replies:

    A comment may be flagged if:
    1. Two (or more) users begin to have a strong worded arguement towards each other
    2. Slurs of any kind
    3. Pornography
    4. Rude behavior with no constructive critism whatsoever
    5. The post makes one or more users very uncomfortable
    6. Bullying a specific user

    These are only examples of flaggable reasons.

    A flagged post will be trashed or nothing will occur if the moderator finds no reason to. A ban may also result if the offense is serious enough.

    Issues with Gamebanana:

    If you have an issue with Gamebanana, such as missing points or something else, consider posting the issue as a bug first. If it is not a bug or that did not help, then you may post a support ticket.

    Exemplary Feedback:

    If you believe a post shows exemplary feedback, you may flag it with the reason of "exemplary feedback".

    Examples of posts with exemplary feedback is covered in https://gamebanana.com/threads/190438

    Spam Flags:

    If a user repeatedly flags one or several posts for no reason other than to annoy moderators or troll users, then they may be banned.
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    Having some actual rules for flagging posts instead of a guessing game would generally be more helpful and friendly to users, especially newer ones.
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    where da flag rules at
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