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Requests - A Wiki.

These are the guidelines to follow when making a request.

1. Purpose

The Request section is the section for requesting mods to be made. Requests cost 25 points to be added, 20 of which are added to the bounty of the request.

2. Site Rules

In addition to section specific rules listed below, requests must also follow the main Site Rules. This includes, but is not limited to, no warez and no mods from the porting blacklist, no commercial advertising, no extreme graphic content, NSFW content must have the NSFW setting enabled, no spam, and no unreasonably low quality or low effort submissions.

3. Submission Title

Make sure to use a title that succinctly summarises your request. All caps titles are not allowed. Generic titles like "My request" are not acceptable as they provide no real description of what the request is.

4. Category

First, make sure you choose the correct game section. Next, choose the most appropriate category for your submission. Please look at all of the available choices before making your decision. Do not simply submit the request in a random game or category.

5. Description

You must be as descriptive as possible when making a request. There should be absolutely no question as to what you're looking to get. Simply pasting an image of the character you want in a game and saying who they are is not valid. The more information the better, and images and videos are a huge help.

6. Requirements

The requirements of the Request must be explained in detail. They should list the technical requirements of the Request.

7. Rewards

Rewards must be reflective of what is being requested. If you are requesting a large amount of work to be done, offering the bare minimum is not enough. Creating content from scratch is a huge undertaking, and in some cases so is porting content when it's done correctly. We understand that not everyone has a lot of points to make these requests, but you can't ask for work to be done without fair pay to the person carrying out the request. Requests made for the bare minimum will either be withheld or trashed based on staff discretion.

Rewards must be paid out if the request is completed by a user that meets the requirements as laid out in the description and requirements of the Request. Failure to pay out the request bounty once completed may result in Moderators stepping in to pay out the bounty.

7.1. Additional Rewards

It is possible to offer additional rewards beyond GameBanana points. These rewards need to be realistic, transferable and they must be honored when and if the Request is completed. For more details please check the Additional Request Rewards Wiki.

8. Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with any of the above clauses, unless otherwise noted, will result in your submission being withheld or deleted at the administrator's discretion.

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a moderator or administrator before submitting. To view a list of moderators and administrators, head over to this page.