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Modboy Help - A Wiki.

1. Where can I find Modboy?

2. What operating systems can Modboy be run on?

The current version of Modboy (v3.11) can run on Windows 7 or higher.

3. How do I install a mod?

When on Gamebanana, go to a supported submission for a supported game, as listed in a later question, and then click the button that looks like this:

4. What is the Modboy URL scheme?

Modboy uses a custom URL scheme of modboy://<submission_type>,<submission_id>,<file_id> where <submission_type> is something like Skin or Map.

5. What games are supported?

You can see a full list of games that are supported here.

6. Help, it says "Failed to execute crucial installation command." What do I do?

First of, try checking a few things:
  • Is your game installed in something other than the default folder?
    • If so, please ensure that you've selected the proper folder when prompted for path to your game's directory. Ex. For TF2, the correct folder is the tf folder inside of the Team Fortress 2 directory, not the Team Fortress 2 folder itself.
  • Does the mod archive you're trying to download include multiple mods at once?
    • If more than one of the mods are for the same skin, that can potentially cause issues because Modboy won't be able to determine which skin you want to use from those. Encourage the mod creator to split skins for the same slot into multiple archives on the same submission instead, as those can be downloaded individually by Modboy.

7. Help, it says "Modboy doesn't know how to install this submission type." What do I do?

This error occurs when that type of submission, e.g. Gamefile/GUI/etc. is not yet supported by the configuration for a particular game. Here's the deal: Modboy works by reading configuration files from this site that tell it how to find files for specific submission types on a per-game basis. The configuration also has to be able to describe where to put the mod files in that game's folder. The error will present itself in a few different situations:

  • If no instructions are available for that mod type (such as GUIs for Team Fortress 2 currently) based on the configuration itself.
  • If no applicable files are found in the archive that match the instructions in the game's configuration - e.g. It's a sound submission, but all that's inside the archive are pictures, then it's possible this message might show up, though it's less likely to occur in the first place

8. Why aren't my mods showing up in-game?

This usually will happen if the mod submitter did not create the folder structures correctly in the archive they uploaded.

Are you a mod submitter? Note that putting random folders in at different points in the hierarchy can lead to the game not reading those files. The exception is that folder levels above the important part of the path are okay. For example: having a /MYCOOLMOD/models/materials/p225/<vtx, vtf, mdl, etc files go here> is fine, but having /models/materials/MYCOOLMOD/p225/<vtx, vtf, mdl, etc files go here> is not. Not sure if you've done it correctly? Feel free to PM me.

9. I have variants for my mod, how should I set up my archive(s)?

Having multiple skins for the same weapon, for example, in the same archive will cause Modboy to fail to install the mod properly. This is because generally speaking, it performs the task of copying over the files and backing up the old ones. It's encouraged for mod authors to break their variants into multiple archives so they can be installed separately for this reason.

10. Why aren't my M.U.G.E.N. mods working?

Unfortunately, M.U.G.E.N. requires one additional step of editing a configuration file that hasn't been figured out for the M.U.G.E.N. configuration yet.

11. Is there some way I can export a list of my mods?

Not at the moment, but it is an idea I've been toying around with. I believe the easiest format for exporting the list of mods would be to write a list of Modoby scheme URLs out to somewhere, such as the clipboard, a file, or PM. If this is something you'd like to see, let me know!

12. Modboy says it's unable to open a particular archive, what's the deal?

Recently, Modboy has been update to support RAR5 as well. If the archive is some other format and is unable to open it, but the latest version of 7-Zip is able to, please send me information and links to said submission, and I will investigate. Otherwise, please report on the original submission that the archive can't be opened.

13. Modboy appears to be stuck trying to install mod, what do I do?

Go to AppData/Roaming/Modboy in your account's folder and then delete Buffer.dat.

14. What languages are supported?

Currently 6 languages are supported:
  • English
  • Czech
  • Portuguese (PT-BR)
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

15. Other Questions?

Please ask below and I will update this page with the answers.

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  • adamthegameoffnf avatar
    adamthegameoffnf Joined 1y ago
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    what is the portal 2 mod folder?
    like how the thing noted is tf
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  • Mod gets stuck on executing installation even when i delete buffer.dat. When i delete buffer.dat the mod disappears and i have to go to gamebanana to reinstall the mod and the buffer.dat re-appears in the folder again.
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  • I am having such difficulty trying to install a mod to this 
    I am using a non steam version of Half life 2 and when i put the location for where the mod goes it keeps giving me the same error failed to execute crucial installation command.
    Can I plz have some help with this 

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  • ofri30 avatar
    ofri30 Joined 5mo ago
    how do i uninstall mod boy?

    what is this
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  • i can't open modboy
    and no sonic world mods support it help me
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  • captin avatar
    captin Joined 11mo ago
    How do i change the directory modboy is looking at for my game.
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  • big nerd avatar
    big nerd Joined 9mo ago
    3mo 3mo
    I can't find my "App/Data/Roaming/Modboy" anywhere. I'm searching the files of Modboy, and my entire PC. I'm trying to delete a mod that is stuck on uninstalling, and won't let me cancel the uninstall.

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  • how do I uninstall this, I am encountering errors ever since I downloaded the "Makeshift Mauser" reskin with animation.
    I want to re-install it. help
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  • am i trying to download a mvm map for tf2 and i set the folder to the tf folder in the team fortress 2 folder but it doesn't work
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  • Hiderlink20 avatar
    Hiderlink20 Joined 3y ago
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    Is it possible to include or install mods outside of gamebanana for modboy to recognize and insert into the game by either putting them in their respective folders manually or having the installer insert the mod when you give it the file?
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