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GameBanana - Our Story - A Wiki.

Revered Bananite history as passed down through the Ages

BASE DRAFT 0.2 - 05/04/2013

Major Events/Notable Characters to be included as per GDC Meeting notes

  • Notable Admins/Departed Members
  • Moderator Conflicts/Controversy
  • Original Studios
  • Memorable Bans
  • Site Attack
  • Real World Events
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1. Brief

The FPS Customization Community is a video gaming website dedicated to the modification of various First Person Shooter titles on the Computer. The site was launched under the name CSCentral in mid-2000 by Sebastian as a fan site for the best selling multi-player shooter Counter Strike. In the following months the site was met with a great deal of success as the idea of a site dedicated to the production and distribution of user generated content appealed to a large variety of gamers alongside those who were looking to break into the industry.

Soon after the sites launch Tom was added to the administrators list. Since this time, the site has undergone various design changes ranging from a standard download site with a forum to a fully interactive, MySpace like venture. Other members have also been added to the moderation and administration team, however Tom remains the sole person with access to the code since Sebastian's departure.

2. Domain Changes

Originally the site took a sole interest into the Counter Strike universe, and worked under the title of CSCentral. However as time passed and the community expanded a wider range of topics was accommodated leading to the renaming of the site CSBanana -- it was known as in 2005 for a very short time:

CSBANANA departs Nuie for Comania
Our formal address is once again, which means my short experiment with .Nu domains has ended. Google's [sinister] domain ranking bias, confusion and my recent re-acquisition of the former domain all influenced my decision to make this reversal. The domain will continue to work until it expires and is repurchased by a domain squatter or a porn syndicate.
Tom - Sun, 10 Jul 2005

Again, this did not cover the range of content that the administrators had hoped as the name still gave the impression it was only for Counter Strike. Finally it was agreed that the community would be called FPSBanana; Banana's were chosen as the site mascot due to their similarities to a gun.

In early 2007 the site promised it's members to expand again to include other styles of gameplay outside of the FPS genre. Within a week of this promise the domains & were purchased by the site administrators.

3. CSCentral Major Players & Events

To be Completed:

4. CSBanana Major Players & Events

5. FPSBanana Major Players & Events

5.1. The Site Attack

5.2. The Loss of Counter-Strike 1.6

5.3. Memorable Bans

6. GameBanana Launch Day

On January 1st 2011, FPSBanana made the change to a new name -- GameBanana -- and with it a whole new framework for the site built by Tom. The side was re-coded to be easier to maintain and build upon as the old codebase had become a mess and unstable to the point that many features were completely unusable. Many of the custom features of the older 'buggy' FPSB were not remade in time for the launch, but have since been re-added (medals, uberstyles, clubs, stamps etc). The move was desperately needed as the buggy framework FPSBanana was running allowed for a regular member to delete the CS 1.6 game profile, and subsequently all the submissions attached to it.

The move from FPSB to GameBanana also marked the start of a development testing site -- a preview of new features -- where items could be tested, changed and fixed up before they are added to the 'live' site based on feedback from the testing team.

GameBanana Co inc. also moved from Australia to the United States.

With these big changes to the site, the team and how it was ran also changed. Defined roles for each admin were quickly established so that each had a specialty and tasks to complete each month rather than the old free-for-all of years past. Sub-Teams were soon established outside of regular moderation (News, Reviews, and Article writers).

7. Current Events

7.1. GDC