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Frequently Asked Questions

A Wiki

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about how the site works.

1. Account

1.1. How do I register?

Creating an account at GameBanana is very simple. All you need is a username, a valid email (as you will need to confirm your account) and a password. Click here to access the registration form. Registration is free and offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Posting new submissions
  • Replying to other peoples' submissions
  • Editing your posts
  • Receiving email notification of things you specify
  • Sending private messages to other members

And many more! 

1.2. How do I log-in?

In order to log-in to the site, you will need to know your user account name and password. Simply click the link here, and you will be redirected to the log-in screen. 

1.3. How do I reset my password?

If you have lost your account password, you will need to use the password reset form located here

1.4. I didn't receive an activation email, what can I do?

Please make sure to check your spam or junk folder for the email. You can also request to have another activation email sent to you here.

If you still do not receive it, try adding to your email provider's whitelist. 

1.5. Can I retrieve my account password if I no longer have access to my old email address?

In short, yes. However, you will have to provide proof of ownership for the account you are inquiring about. This means, you must know the original email registered to the account. Send a request to with the following information: 

  • Account: (userID, name or link to the account)
  • Email: (the registered email address)
  • Any other information that would help us identify the account

2. Submissions

2.1. What is a submission?

In a nutshell, a submission is any type of content that you submit to the site. Whether it's a skin, map, gui, texture, etc. It provides you with a way to display your work, allows others to download your content & provide constructive feedback to help you improve! 

2.2. How can I create a submission?

We have made it very easy to submit content to the site by adding a page dedicated to that. You can access it here. Simply click on section you wish to add your content to and follow through with the form. 

2.3. What does it mean when my submission is flagged, withheld or trashed?

  • A submission is flagged when it violates our site rules. Simply check the flag page of your submission and make the necessary changes if applicable. A staff member will soon review the submission and trash the flags if you have made the proper change(s).
  • A submission is withheld if it is flagged 4 times, or by a staff member. You will need to make appropriate changes to your submission to get it re-listed. Simply make a post on the unwithhold page of the submission and a staff member will review your submission to have it re-listed. More information can be found here in regards to the withholding process.
  • A submission is trashed if it is in direct violation of our site rules. It if important to understand that once a submission is trashed, you are not to re-upload it or you risk being gagged.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT re-submit content that has been withheld or trashed by a staff member (unless granted permission). This will only result in your newest submission being trashed. 

2.4. How do I edit or trash my submission?

On the submission profile, simply click the Edit () button or Trash () [under the Admin () menu] button. 

2.5. A submission is breaking the site rules, what are my options?

If you have come across a submission that breaks our site rules, you have a couple of options in order to notify the staff. The first option you should always resort to is flagging the submission if available (submissions cannot be flagged after two weeks have passed since its creation). Staff will be able to see flagged submissions via our admin panel. The second option is to use the report button (). This is available on every submission profile and when clicked you are prompted with a support ticket report. Fill out the necessary fields and include all relevant information. If it is deemed to break our site rules, action will be taken by a staff member. 

2.6. Images are failing to load or I'm having trouble uploading a file.

If you are having issues with images not loading, or upload issues read on!

  1. Hard refresh (Ctrl + F5).
  2. Try temporarily disabling any anti-virus or firewall you have running as it may be interfering. Also, make sure GameBanana's file server is not blacklisted ( If it is, whitelist it.

Upload issues (error 2038, upload stops at 100%)

  1. Make sure you have the latest flash version (download the latest here). Note: Chrome users will have to wait for the next browser update as flash is already bundled in and cannot be manually updated.
  2. Some browser add-ons are known to cause issues such as FlashBlock, disable these.
  3. Try disabling any anti-virus or firewall you have running as it may be interfering with your connection.

3. Members

3.1. Settings

The settings panel is where you control your personal settings, options and preferences. 

3.2. How do I change my settings?

You can change your settings by clicking the wrench () image at the top of the site. 

3.3. I'm not receiving email or activity log notifications, why?

You need to navigate to the "Settings" area in the navigation pane and select "Notifications." Here you will be presented with the ability to enroll in our monthly newsletters, receive emails notifications and get activity log notices for a number of events. 

3.4. I received a ban and would like to appeal it, how can I do this?

If you have been banned from the GameBanana network, you may dispute your ban by emailing Be sure to include your username and or userID. 

3.5. I received a gag, what is this?

A gag means you have either seriously violated our site rules, or you have been a repeat offender. When you are gagged from a section(s) you will not be able to upload content to those section(s) until your gag has expired. 

3.6. A user is harassing me, what can I do to stop him?

If you are being harassed, create a support ticket immediately and include all relevant information and or link(s). You also have the option of blocking the user(s). This is available in the unlocks section. 

3.7. How can I earn points?

Points can be earned in a variety of ways. You can earn points by:

Here is a breakdown of our points chart. 

3.8. Can I have more than one account?

Users may only have ONE account, NO exceptions. If you are found to be using two accounts, the newest one will be banned. 

3.9. How do I delete my account?

Accounts cannot be deleted. They can, however, be "ghosted" by using the Scrubber option in your account's settings page. The Scrubber will end your membership on GameBanana, and delete or scramble public, personal data that could identify you as a "natural person" as per the EU's GDPR requirements. This personal data includes:
  1. Username
  2. Email
  3. Avatar & personal images
  4. Contact info (if set)

This data will be erased, scrambled or anonymized. After scrubbing, you will not be able to log in, and you will lose control of untrashed submissions and posts. To learn more about the Scrubber, please see this page for more information.

3.10. Can I upgrade my account?

Yes! Certain features are available to be purchased with GameBanana points. Navigate to the settings tab by clicking the wrench icon () and under Personal, click Unlocks. Here you'll be able to buy awesome account/feature upgrades! All item(s) once purchased are permanent. 

3.11. How can I remove a buddy?

You can remove a buddy by hovering over the network icon (). Select "Buddies" and simply check the boxes beside the user(s) you wish to remove and click "Remove Selected Buddies." 

3.12. How can I unsubscribe from someone?

You can unsubscribe from someone by hovering over the activity icon (). Select "Subscriptions" and simply check the boxes beside the user(s) you wish unsubscribe from and click "Unsubscribe." 

4. Posting

4.1. How do I make a reply?

To reply you need to simply click either "Add Comment" or "Add Reply" on any submission. This will open a dialogue in which you can compose your message. For most sections you'll see two options in the dialogue. Structured is the default posting message which you can provide a list of pros, cons, improvements, etc. If you do not wish to use structured, select freeform. You also have the option to post as yourself or anonymously (where only staff can see who you are). 

4.2. What posting tools are available?

We have a variety of easy to use posting tools available. Simply click the corresponding button you wish to use and you will be prompted with an input field. 

4.3. How can I edit or delete my post?

It is fairly easy to edit or delete a post of yours. To edit a post click the edit () button and to delete a post click the trash () button. 

4.4. A user has made a rude, abusive or derogatory comment, what can I do?

The quickest way to go about this is to create a support ticket by clicking the report icon () above any post and patiently wait for one of our representatives to get to it. Tickets are resolved in the order they come in, so please do not create more than one ticket for the same issue. 

4.5. International posting

GameBanana for the most part is an English only site. This means, submission content must be in English (no exceptions). However, you are free to use your native language in the following sections ONLY: studio profiles, help wanted, WiP and project pages.


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  • ani. avatar
    ani. Joined 2mo ago
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    hey I'm new here and I do not know how to make myself a spray who knows how I edit myself a spray
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  • Hello. I'm new member. Where can I ask from members because it should a few help to me. 
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  • Garebear_ avatar
    Garebear_ Joined 2y ago
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    How can I have custom Mantra like banner, and etc.
    Not even going to try anymore
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  • The Black Hedgehog s fan avatar
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    in request,how I can add points?

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    • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
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    access_time 6mo
    How do users add a custom cursor on their profile?
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  • G38X avatar
    G38X Joined 8mo ago
    access_time 8mo
    How can I put a hitsound/killsound from GameBanana in tf2???Please help me!!!!
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    • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
    • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
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    access_time 9mo
    How can I remove a stamp from someone on my comment? Because my comment got stamped dumb. I hate when my comment gets stamped dumb. Because I am not dumb.
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  • Comrade Shephard avatar
    Comrade Shephard Joined 5y ago
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    access_time 9mo

    2.4. How do I edit or trash my submission?

    Well actually there seems to be no trash button anymore, or maybe i am just retarded and it's going through my eyes.

    Same thing with the flag button
    Gmod12.exe avatar
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    RevTiva avatar
    Life Tree Flag
    Life Tree
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    3.9. How do I delete my account?

    Accounts cannot be deleted. 

    This should be revised, coz now you can delete your account by ghosted it.
    • Helpema x 1
    • Alta kvin x 1
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    Stand and Move
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    access_time 9mo
    1. Top part of the screen; next to logo. How do I actually "subscribe" to a game so I have a shortcut? No game page I visit has this button or option anywhere I can find, but mods and people do.
    2. Main page; advanced filters. Can I select any games other than what is arbitrarily available to pick from at the time? Sometimes I don't want to see Far Cry 2 or that Baldi Basic game on my page, and want to see other things but they aren't available to pick from. I just want to customize the page and it not just be a constantly changing variable of what I'm allowed to sort through.
    3. Is there a way to just show certain games on the main page, and only those things? I liked being able to basically "minus-out" certain games and they never showed up on the feed of things that showed up, but then some update on the site happened and now I can't do that. 

    URL afiŝi:


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