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Site Rules - A Wiki.

By using this site, you automatically accept these rules.

We are currently undergoing an overhaul of our rules and trash/withhold systems that institute them. Please refer to the new Rules list to see specific rules that can result in a submission being trashed, or a member being gagged or banned.

Our goal is to simplify, summarize and greatly reduce the verbosity of the rules.

NSFW Toggle

Certain content is allowed if the NSFW option on the submission is selected. See the NSFW Rules wiki for more details.

  1. NSFW submissions must use the NSFW toggle provided.
  2. Real and animated nudity is allowed but no "Sex Acts" should be shown, or implied.
  3. No depictions of under 18's (real or animated). This includes 'Lolita' content where the character is visibly under 18 no matter how old you state they are, as well as characters that are known to be under the age of 18.
  4. No unnecessary closeups.
  5. Mods have discretion to remove any content that they feel is too sexual in nature or inappropriate.

Point Farming

Users abusing GameBanana features to artificially increase their point count outside of 'legitimate' means will result in severe punishment, which may include points deductions, gags or bans. Please check the Point Trading and Donations wiki for more details.


Every person who worked on any part of your submission must be credited. Put the authors names in the author field and their role in the role field, each entry separated by a new line. Detailed credits should go in the author's notes field. List authors once only. Do not include anyone who did not have a role in the creation of the content. 

Section Specific Rules

In addition to these site-wide rules there are section rules that must be followed:

Notice About Rules

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a moderator or administrator before submitting. To view a list of moderators and administrators, head over to this page.