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By using this site, you automatically accept these rules.

1. 1.0 Language

GameBanana is an English-speaking website, but you may post submissions in non-English provided you prefix the submission name/title with the language, e.g a Russian thread must have a name/title beginning with "[RUS]".

2. 1.1 Grammar & Punctuation

Try your best to use good grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc when posting and especially when making threads and other readables. Do not post in ALL CAPS, Title Caps, use excessive!!!!! amounts of punctuation, or break the site's layout. Submissions with poor English may be flagged by the community or withheld by moderators.

3. 1.2 Abuse

No discrimination, abusiveness, 'trolling' or flaming. Discrimination based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, etc will not be tolerated. NO EXCEPTIONS. 'They started it', 'they deserved it', 'they are n00bs', etc. are not valid excuses.

3.1. 1.2.1 Backseat Moderating

Let the moderators do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the rules -- or their interpretation of the rules. If you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the Report/Flag buttons or simply ignore the offensive content.

4. 1.3 Unconstructive Feedback

No negative feedback without explanation. If you don't like something or strongly disagree with someone, fine. But make sure you provide reasons for your opinions and constructive feedback whenever possible. Also, make sure not to stray into a violation of rule 1.2.

5. 1.4 Warez

No warez talk of any kind. That includes but is not limited to requests for CD keys, discussing illegal downloads of software, music, movies, passwords for websites, and pretty much anything that could get GameBanana into legal trouble. When in doubt about this rule, ask a moderator or don't post. If it might be illegal, test the limits of copyright law somewhere else. For more information consult GameBanana's Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy or the Porting Whitelist.

6. 1.5 Advertising

Non-commercial advertising is allowed, under certain circumstances. See the User Advertising wiki for more details.

7. 1.6 Graphic Content

No shock material or pornography. This includes but is not limited to graphic images and videos designed to severely disturb or scare the viewer. Private parts of the body must be covered with clothing and no sexual acts may be displayed. We also reserve the right to remove any content that we feel is too suggestive or inappropriate for all the age groups that use the site. 

7.1. 1.6.1 NSFW Toggle

Certain content is allowed if the NSFW option on the submission is selected. See the NSFW Rules wiki for more details.

  1. NSFW submissions must use the NSFW toggle provided.
  2. Real and animated nudity is allowed but no "Sex Acts" should be shown, or implied.
  3. No depictions of under 18's (real or animated). This includes 'Lolita' content where the character is visibly under 18 no matter how old you state they are.
  4. No unnecessary closeups.
  5. No bestiality, shock images etc...
  6. Heavily pornographic images are not allowed. This includes photographic and drawn images that have been clearly made for pornographic reasons.
  7. Mods have discretion to remove any content that they feel is too sexual in nature or inappropriate.

8. 1.7 Spam

No spam. Spam is defined as posts, threads, or other messages that do not contribute to a discussion or forum. If you have doubts about whether your submission would contribute consult a moderator before submitting it. Please avoid posting several thematically related submissions soon after one another as this is considered spam. Instead please pack these themed submissions together into one submission. Submitting a lot of unrelated content soon after one another is ok and is not spam.

9. 1.8 Quality Control

No deliberately low quality or low effort submissions. We always want to be a place where beginners can submit their content and learn, however if a submission is considered to have been made deliberately of poor quality on purpose, to troll, point farm etc, it may be removed.

10. 1.9 File Content

No executables or similar are allowed in regular submission files. Any submissions found with executables in their files will be withheld until the executable is removed. Tools and Gamefiles are exempt from this rule. If for whatever reason you really must include an executable in your download, please contact a moderator to ask for permission before uploading it.

11. 1.10 Autoplaying Music/Videos

All music players must be started manually. No autoplaying music is allowed.

12. 1.20 Section Specific Rules

In addition to these site-wide rules there are section rules that must be followed:

13. 1.21 Authors

Every person who worked on any part of your submission must be credited. Put the authors names in the author field and their role in the role field, each entry separated by a new line. Detailed credits should go in the author's notes field. List authors once only. Do not include anyone who did not have a role in the creation of the content. 

14. Notice About Rules

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a moderator or administrator before submitting. To view a list of moderators and administrators, head over to this page.

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  • DrSquish avatar
    DrSquish Joined 3y ago
    11d 11d
    Is there any ruling on advertisement and/or linking to sites which have cheating software available for download? One of the submissions on the TF2 front page at the moment has a link to a certain aimbot software site (which I will refrain from naming) in its description.

    EDIT: It seems it was deleted. I understand the ruling now.
    The Great Cornholio avatar
    The Great Cornholio
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  • Archadius avatar
    Archadius Joined 6mo ago
    117 points Ranked 28728th
    5mo 5mo
    Question about Low-Effort Submissions,Are Joke Submissions (As in replacing the sound effects with Text-To-Speech) considered as Low-Effort Submissions?.

    Asking for a friend yknow
    Dank Boi avatar
    Dank Boi
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  • Magic Man avatar
    Magic Man username pic Joined 3y ago
    Door closed.
    703 points Ranked 7412th
    22 medals 2 legendary 4 rare
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    9mo 9mo
    quick question about rule 1.1.: do the abbreviated weapon names (e.g. 'M4A1', 'AR15' or 'M110 SASS') exempts the rule or not?
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  • Meli Satana avatar
    Meli Satana username pic Joined 2y ago
    1,858 points Ranked 2887th
    12 medals 1 rare
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
    • Returned 100 times Medal icon
    • 6 months a member Medal icon
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    • Reached 10 subscribers Medal icon
    I was just curious on this; what is Gamebanana's stance on commissions? I can't seem to find anything on the site related to them or if they are allowed or not.

    Any answer would be appreciated!
    1 Like = 1 Milla
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  • S.D.G avatar
    S.D.G Joined 1y ago
    216 points Ranked 19158th
    Quick question, what in the name of GabeN is a 'Todo'?
    Random wierdo of the internet.
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  • AoM avatar
    AoM username pic Joined 12y ago
    Ripe Supporter AC:NL Manager UT2k4 Manager SN Manager Admin
    Likely Asleep
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    AoM avatar
    Modboy Dev
    1y 1y
    You should update the link in sections 12 & 13 to reflect the new wiki link style.
    Thar be snow. avatar
    Thar be snow.
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  • YoloBro avatar
    YoloBro Joined 2y ago
    269 points Ranked 16318th
    "Your submission has been withheld because it failed to follow some of our rules. To have your submission re-listed please follow these steps:

    • Please fix the author group. By default, it's set to "Original Authors" and if you got nothing to type, please leave it as it is.
    Please reply to this message after making the requested fixes" I readed this rule section and didn't find anything about this..
    Dead memes
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  • Ghost1397314 avatar
    Ghost1397314 Joined 4y ago
    1,463 points Ranked 3706th
    22 medals 2 legendary 3 rare
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    • One month a member Medal icon
    Now i've read all these rules.
    But there should be a rule that you cannot add cheats or game hacking tools on GB.
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  • The Adept Scorpio avatar
    The Adept Scorpio Joined 2y ago
    389 points Ranked 12262nd
    6 medals 1 rare
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
    • Submitted 10 Sounds Medal icon
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    • One month a member Medal icon
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    • 1 year a member Medal icon
    I couldn't find it in here, so I have to ask - Can I offer actual money as a reward for a model swap request?
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  • Clener74 avatar
    Clener74 username pic Joined 6y ago
    Turned off.
    Pyro-Zone Flag Affiliation: Pyro-Zone
    51,149 points Ranked 74th
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    Clener74 avatar
    Pyro-Zone Flag
    Bug Journalist
    Posted by youthfive

    What the different of Moderator, Super Moderator, Admin, and Super Admin??

    Just curious :)
    Moderator is restricted to a single section.
    Super Moderator is a Moderator that reaches that position once they get enough moderation permissions (as in, number of places they're allowed to moderate)
    Admin is someone who has universal control over the site.
    Super Admin is restricted to Tom, and is basically universal power with access to the site itself, like its code, etc.
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    No one beats me at Puyo Puyo. avatar
    No one beats me at Puyo Puyo.
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